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Go Air web check-in – All you need to know

Flight booking is just the first step when it comes to planning a trip. There’s a lot more to consider like reaching the airport on time, your baggage, queuing up to check-in, finishing your security check and then waiting to board. Whew! So many things just to get on board and reach your destination. What if you can get rid of one critical step? Well, that would make your day, isn’t it? Web check-in helps you skip the queue.

Are you a first-time flyer? Have you been on Go Air flights before? Do you want to know how to make your first flight a smooth experience? If you are planning to avoid long queues, get a seat of your choice, then use the Go Air web check-in facility.

Here’s Skyscanner’s web check-in guide, to help you make your trip smooth. Moreover, this complete guide supplies handy tips to help regular flyers and experienced travellers.

Go Air Web Check-In

The web check-in facility is different from other airlines in India. You can use the check-in anytime up to 2 hours before your planned departure for Free. To check-in, all you need to enter is the PNR number or your ticket number with your last name and email address. Don’t forget to print your e-boarding pass with you. To use the Go Air web check-in, click here

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Who can use Go Air’s web check-in?

• People with a confirmed Go Air PNR or booking details
• At one time 9 passengers only can web check-in for each PNR. For more than 9 passengers check-in at the airport.

When to use web check-in

Check-in over the web is available 72 up to 2 hours before your scheduled departure for both domestic and international flights. You may receive an SMS from the airline informing when web check-in becomes available on your registered mobile number. To start your check-in process, log on to Go Air website and click on Manage my booking and follow the procedure mentioned.

How to use Go Air web check-in?

• Log on to Go Air website
• Click on Manage Booking and then web check-in under it.
• Enter the PNR number, email address or last name used while booking the ticket.
• Click on Check-in
• Select the seat you prefer and buy your meal if required. Remember you may have to pay for extra legroom seats and your meal.
• Confirm once done
• Take a print of the boarding pass from the Go Air website or print from the email the airline sends.
• Don’t forget, carry the boarding pass with you

Can you check baggage using web check-in?

Check-in baggage

Yes, Go Air allows check-in over the web with baggage. After finishing the procedure, you can get on your flight with your hand luggage as soon as it has cleared security screening.

Not only do you have enough time, but you can also web check-in from wherever you are whether it is your home or office. Web check-in helps you confirm your seat on the flight. What’s more, if overbooked the airline cannot bump you off the flight.

Benefits of web check-in

However, if you are carrying check-in baggage, make sure you drop it at the devoted Go Air counter for web check-in passengers at least 1 hour before departure. Check for Go Air luggage restrictions here

Once you’ve checked-in on the web, you can skip over to security check before boarding. You can choose a seat of your choice whether it is a bigger seat, more leg room, or the kind of meal you want.  However, if you haven’t checked in on the web then be ready to reach the airport before time so you can complete all the checks in time.

How to get your boarding pass once you web check-in?

Once done with web check-in for your Go Air flight, either take a print of the boarding pass if it is a domestic flight or carry the confirmation slip to the airport if it is an international flight. You can exchange the web check-in confirmation slip at the airport counter for a boarding pass.

Boarding Pass

Things to know if you plan to use Go Air web check-in

• You can use web check-in 72 to 2 hour before the flight leaves.
• You can cancel or change your booking after web check-in at the Go Air call center or the airport ticketing counter.
• Make sure you arrive at least an hour before departure to complete security checks and board on time.
• Carry valid identification with you

Priority Check-in options

Go Air offers priority check-in and priority baggage service to its passengers. This priority service is a paid service and Go Air charges a non-refundable fee of INR 400 per person. You can buy this service up to 2 hours before departure. Priority check-in is available in select domestic airports such as Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Cochin, Delhi, Guwahati, Goa, Port Blair, and Chennai.

For international airports in Phuket and Male. This service is not mandatory. However, priority check-in is available only to the first 10 customers on every Go Air flight. To know more check here

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