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Honeymoon in Greece

Greece has all the ingredients to make your honeymoon fabulous! Explore the many heritage sites in the capital city - Athens, savor the dreamy whitewashed Santorini, party at Mykonos and dig in the delectable Greek feta cheese, salads, and moussaka.

After all the wedding craziness, the two of you must be itching to escape. Think honeymoon, and you start dreaming about a beautiful quiet place to spend quality time together. Islands and beaches are top picks for honeymoon destinations, and it is no surprise why. Away from the crowds, you can lounge on beaches with glistening sand and the rhythmic swash of the waves for company.

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Couples’ Pick – Amazing Reasons to Honeymoon in Greece

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Located in south-eastern Europe, Greece is made up of thousands of islands across the Aegean and Ionian seas. A visit to Greece is a travel odyssey across myths, culture, history, and art. Greece is also renowned for places of great natural beauty – including the beautiful areas of Achaia, Arcadia, and Ileia.

  • For history and architecture, visit the heritage sites in Athens city, the town of Delphi with many archaeological sites and Knossos (on the island Crete) – the largest Bronze Age archaeological site and Europe’s oldest city.

  • For beaches, plan a trip to Corfu – an island in the Ionian Sea, Santorini – known for its volcanic beaches and whitewashed houses, and Mykonos – known for its party beaches, dance clubs and an array of 16th-century windmills.

  • For a little more privacy, visit Paros instead – for leisurely walks as well as windsurfing, kite-surfing, and diving options.

The Greek cuisine will leave you craving for more. Try Ntolmadakia – vine leaves stuffed with rice, onions and herbs are boiled and then sprinkled with olive oil. Keftedakia is a popular fried meatballs dish. Greek Moussaka is made of sauteed eggplant and fried potato slices, they are layered in a baking pan and covered with sauces and grated cheese. Kefalonia is famous for its traditional meat pie.

Top five romantic experiences in Greece:

  1. Watch the sunset from Areopagus, a hill located on the west of the Acropolis – for sweeping views of Athens.
  2. Indulge in the favorite Greek pastime of having coffee in traditional coffee houses.
  3. Enjoy a late night movie date at the outdoor ‘Cine Thisio’ summer theatre in Athens, rated among the coolest movie experiences in the world.
  4. Head to the secluded beaches of Mykonos with crystal clear waters.
  5. Take romantic walks through the alleys of Chora and Pyrgos villages in Santorini.**

Handy Travel Tips for the honeymooners in Greece:

Need more reasons to plan your honeymoon in Greece? Skyscanner shares these top tips:

  • Greek people are extremely warm gracious hosts! You will feel welcomed wherever you go.

  • Greece is considered safe and trouble-free, but as always apply due discretion like being careful with your wallets and handbags in crowded places and public transport. Always check travel advisories before planning your travel.

  • You need your honeymoon to be relaxed. Plan to spend at least a week in Greece, with at least 2 days at each destination. A lot of honeymooners plan to spend 4 – 5 days at Santorini, given its beauteous landscapes.

  • The best time to visit Greece is during the spring season which lasts from mid-April to mid-June and the autumn season which lasts from September to mid-October.

  • Domestic travel in Greece is safe and reliable. There are a number of domestic flights, the KETL bus service offers inexpensive intercity coaches. Ferries run between all the islands, so it is a good idea to check on the ferry schedule and price updates.

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How to reach Greece:

Find flights to Greece

Apply for a Schengen visa for stay up to ninety days. Athens International (ATH) airport is the access point to Greece. There are a number of one-stop flight options available from India. You are likely to get the best fares on flights from Delhi to Athens or Mumbai to Athens. On one-stop flights, you can assume 10 to 13 hours of journey one way. Airlines offering connections from India to Athens with lowest fares include Etihad Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines among others.

Extend your Greek honeymoon:

After a Greek odyssey, there are a number of exciting neighboring destinations that you can add to your itinerary. In two hours, you can reach Rome – the capital city of Italy. There are three direct flights from Athens to Rome, with Alitalia being the most popular airline. Or, you can head over to Istanbul and enjoy a delightful Turkish vacation. The average flight time of a direct flight from Athens to Istanbul Ataturk is an hour and a half, with Turkish Airlines being the most popular airline.

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