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Hotel secrets every guest should know

Preparing for your next vacation? Here are some good-to-know secrets about hotel rooms across the world.

Do you find yourself in a fix – while travelling – more often than not? Skyscanner gets a list of hotel room hacks that should help you beat the system! Read on.

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1. Only one key card in a hotel?

This could pose some serious problems – like one person needing to use the electricity while the other one is out.
Hotel ro om hack tip – use your credit card instead! It also works if you are the kind who wants to leave the air conditioning on while you are out of the room.

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2. No time to call housekeeping to get your shoes shined?

Or let’s be honest – you’re stingy!
Hotel room hack tip – Dab some of that complimentary body lotion on to your shoes and give them a rub.

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3. Forgot to carry your phone charger?

Normally, you should ask the front desk, they usually have a box full of chargers that previous travellers have left behind.
Hotel room hack tip – Plug your phone into the USB port of the TV.

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4. Shaving emergency and no shaving foam?

That endless supply of bottles on the shelf must come to the rescue!
Hotel room hack tip – Lather up that hair conditioner instead.

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5. Stinky laundry?

End of an action packed holiday and you’re left with a bunch of unlaundered smelly clothes. Get home without stinking up your suitcase.
Hotel room hack tip – Grab some of those scented soaps and toss them in your unwashed pile of clothes in the suitcase. Rest assured, you won’t keel over when you open it at home.

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6. Run out of clean socks?

We all tend to pack short sometimes, and get into last day trouble with the wardrobe.
Hotel room hack tip – Get a pair ready by giving it a scrub in the basin and drying it out with the hair dryer; just pull it over the mouth of the dryer like you would do to a balloon.

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7. Midnight hunger pangs?

No room service at night coupled with a growling tummy can be a drag.
Hotel room hack tip – Boil water in the electric kettle and add to it your midnight craving – oats or instant noodles. You can even boil a couple of eggs!

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8. Got left over room service?

Yummy food you may may want to use later?
Hotel room hack tip – Keep it fresh till that late night movie with a shower cap over the plate, lamination style.

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9. Hoping to get free Wi-Fi?

A little discount never hurts anyone.
Hotel room hack tip – Try your luck at check out instead of at check in. It is way easier to get something waived from your bill at that time.

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10. Special request?

Calling the front desk with a special request, or hoping for a freebie of some sort works best only at a certain time.
Hotel room hack tip – Never call between 9 AM and 1PM. Chances are that there will be a long line of guests waiting to check in or out and the guy at the front desk just wants you off the phone.

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11. Need your ‘good jeans’ in wearable shape in the morning?

We don’t believe in laundering our denims.
Hotel room hack tip – Zip lock them and place the bag in the freezer. Except for stains, your denims will be as good as new!

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12. Considering cancelling a reservation but want to skip paying cancellation?

Trick the system – be a true hack.
Hotel room hack tip – Call the hotel and push your reservation a few weeks ahead. Now have a new person call and cancel THIS booking. Most hotels should oblige without much of a fuss.

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13. Looking at a free upgrade?

Nothing like a personal touch.
Hotel room hack tip – ASK. But remember to ask personally at the front desk; not over the phone; when there are no other guests within earshot. And wear that smile as you go on about being ‘on your honeymoon’.

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14. Germophobe travelling?

Watch out for this if you are queasy about hygeine.
Hotel room hack tip – Ask for clean linens when you check in. Though sheets are washed daily, blankets see the inside of a washing machine around once a week and comforters / bedspreads maybe once a month, unless there are visible stains. So remember to always place a sheet between your body and whatever the next layer is going to be.

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Keep these travel hacks in mind the next time you check in to a hotel! Book your flights, hotel or rent a car with Skyscanner today. You can do all of these on our mobile apps too.