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How To Best Kill Time At Airports

Trapped at an airport? We tell you how to make the best of a delayed flight!

Airports were not built for fun, but they are not miserable little prisons either. Don’t lose heart if you have to spend some hours at an airport because you have plenty other options other than drowning yourself in your smartphone, tablet or laptop to survive those long waiting periods.If you are still clueless about how to best kill time at an airport, then the following tips can really help you out.

1. Take A Look Around

It’s always fun watching what people around are doing at the airport.Observing their movements,dressing sense and trying to come up with an imaginary story about their past can be an entertaining way to kill time. Heathrow airport, Zurich airport, Singapore Changi airport, Amsterdam Shiphol airport and Hong Kong International airport are the biggest and the most lively and entertaining airports in the world.

2. Explore Gaming Options

Whether you are travelling alone or with a group, it’s always fun to indulge in a game.Grab a deck of cards or play scavenger hunt as a team. If a flash-mob is a little too out of your league, then may be an entertaining game of dumb-charades can help you pass some time. Singapore Changi airport and Amsterdam Shiphol airport are the two most famous airports for their gaming arena in the world.

3. Shop, Eat and Enjoy

Airports can be an excellent place to start with your duty-free shopping which you may have been intending to do on your holiday. Not only that, airports can also offer fabulous gastronomic opportunities when you feel like snacking a bit – relax over your favorite cocktail at Ruby Tuesday or grab a helping of fries at Mc Donalds. Starbucks ,one of the world’s most visited and loved coffee house to suit your taste buds,the exceptionally popular ‘Kit Kat Uji-Matcha’ of Narita Airport in Japan, ‘Bar Does Voyageurs’ of Belfast Airport are among the best airport joints for relaxation.

4. Catch Up With Loved Ones

Waiting at an airport can definitely be the best time to catch up with old friends and relatives. Life is fast and everyone doesn’t have the luxury to stay connected as well as they would like. Take advantage of the situation and reconnect with an old friend or relative. If you are not a ‘call-person’ then use the wi-fi zone, activate your social media presence and chat away! Dubai International Airport, Frankfurt airport , Melbourne Airport offer fast and secure Free Wi-Fi internet access throughout the terminal complex.

5. Make a Video

Making your own Runway video log or viral podcast can be an exceptional way to spend the leftover time before you board the flight. After all, the internet wasn’t just invented to view silly cat videos! Take a cue from this guy who made a fabulous music video to while away time at the SF Airport (Source: SF Globe)

6. Chat up Strangers

It might not seem like it but airports are always buzzing with interesting people. If you have another solitary soul in your proximity, don’t hesitate to say “hi”. Casual conversations with strangers are an excellent way to gain a fresh perspective on things, share travel stories, explore networking opportunities and even forge long-lasting friendships.

7. Read Your Way Out of It

Books are indeed a man’s (and woman’s) best friend, especially in times of crisis such as this. Hit the bookstore at your terminal and pick up whatever catches your fancy. Immerse yourself in the pages and you will soon lose track of time. Pick up a Reader’s Digest or Cosmopolitan for a quick read or delve into something more substantial like Goldfinch or Mockingjay.

8. Get a Massage

No, seriously! Most airports these days have a spa facility. Why not use this time to pamper yourself a little? Get a relaxing back massage or treat yourself to an exotic facial to give those tired and bored nerves some respite. Singapore Changi airport, Heathrow airport, Bangkok airport, Incheon airport, Delhi airport have amazing spa and lounge facilities for travellers.

And then there are the lounges, that are perfect for some R&R. Are you looking forward to some airport time then?

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