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How to book cheap flights using Skyscanner today?

Are you planning a vacation but don’t know where you want to go? Would you like to set up a budget before you plan? Do you want to know how to book cheap flights? If you don’t have a place in mind, then won’t you like to check out the cheapest destinations you can travel to? Well, we can help you find an answer to all the questions mentioned above.

The global travel search company Skyscanner can help you know which destinations you can travel to, check out cheap flight deals, or compare fares. Skyscanner is a top travel and fare comparison meta-search that offers flight search, hotel and car hire choices and various fare comparison tools worldwide. These services are FREE and unbiased.

Skyscanner has helped over 100 million travellers each month to find several travel options or design their own itinerary. You can now download their award-winning top-rated mobile applications for free available in 30 languages. Skyscanner offers several ways to stay up to date on deals and various tools on how to book cheap flights on Skyscanner.

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How to book cheap flights on a specific date of the month?

Aren’t you on the lookout for cheap flight tickets when you travel? If there was an easier way to buy without checking several airline sites, won’t you look it up? Well, if you want to travel on specific dates, then Skyscanner’s day view tool can help you find the cheapest day in that month.

How to view prices for the specific dates?

  • Pick the departure city or airport and the destination
  • Select the specific dates for departure and arrival
  • Click on the Search button.
  • To decide which flight, click on Get prices for the city of your choice in the list
  • As soon as you click on Get Prices, you can see flight offers for the specific date.
  • Search through flight offers from various airlines to select the cheapest flight choice. The page will show you the airlines and the travel agent offering the lowest price. Pick the travel agent or airlines from the list to buy your cheap international flight ticket.

How to book cheap international or domestic flights using the monthly view?

At Skyscanner, you can search through 1000s of online flight offers from various airlines and booking agents across the world and book cheap domestic flights. The monthly view tool helps you find the cheapest day to book your flight in the current or the next month. Read on to find out how to search and bag the cheapest flight for you if your travel dates are flexible.

How to view prices for the month

  • Pick a departure and destination city or airport.
  • In place of a specific date, select the whole month for both departures and return.
  • Next click on the Cheapest month.
  • Click on the Search flights green button.
  • Select the city you want to leave based on the cheapest average price mentioned on the list.
  • Click on the cheapest day to fly. You can select a one-way ticket or round trip based on your preference.
  • Click on Show Flights
  • Select the cheapest flight deal.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see the airlines and travel agents offering the lowest price. Select any to buy the cheapest international or domestic flight tickets. You will be directed to the agent website where you can buy your plane tickets.

How to book cheap flights if you are ok to travel to any destination?

If you’ve exhausted your travel list, maybe it’s time you pick up a new destination. However, searching for destinations is exhausting and requires more time than you can spare. What if you can pick the destination in a few clicks or must know your city of departure, the dates or month of travel to find the best travel destination?  

Well, Skyscanner’s Search Everywhere fare compare tool works like a charm to offer a few destinations you can travel to. Read on to know how to book cheap flights for any destination.

How to perform an everywhere search?

  • Pick the city you wish to fly from. You can enter a local airport or the name of a country. For e.g., you can type in ‘India’ to find the cheapest flights leaving from India on any day or month.
  • In the To tab select the rollover that says ‘Can’t decide where’ click here for search everywhere’
  • Select Cheapest month in the Depart and Return flight dates section
  • Select from Economy or Business Class and the number of passengers
  • Click on Search flights
  • The page shows a list of destinations both domestic and international you can travel to. If you click on the drop-down menu, you can see the places you may want to holiday in. For e.g. if you click on India you can see places like Bikaner, Jaipur, and others with the cheapest flight rates for each.
  • If you click on an international destination, you can see places and flight rates for those places in the dropdown. The list will give you an idea of prices for direct flights and connecting flights.
  • Click on the approximate flight price mentioned. You will see a list of cities you can depart from starting with the cheapest flight option.
  • The next page brings you to the month view for that destination.
  • Select the date of departure and return and then click on Search flights
  • Click on Select and then pick the travel agent or airline you would like to buy the cheapest flight ticket from. 

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