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How to search for multi city flights with Skyscanner

City-hopping break in mind? Scroll to the bottom of the page for ideas and a sample of a multi-city break that covers four top European destinations.

But first, let’s take you through how to use the Skyscanner multi-city tool. Read on for a quick 101.

What are multi-city flights?

Europe on your mind this summer? Or maybe that South East Asian backpacking trip you have been hoarding leave for? You could also be thinking about stopping by in Istanbul on your way back from your business meeting in Rome. Or do you just want to forget about the budget for once and go for a world tour? In any case, Skyscanner has got you covered with its multi-city flight search tool. This user friendly tool lets you book multiple flights when you need to travel to more than one destination with a simple search. Affordable and cheap flights that most suit your plans are just a few clicks away.


Ready to find out how? Read on:

How to use Skyscanner’s multi-city flight search

Step 1

Log on to the Skyscanner homepage and select ‘Multi-city’ towards the top left of the search panel.

Step 2

You can enter up to six legs of your multiple destination journey and select your departure airport, destination, and dates from the drop-down menus. The choice is wide, there are no restrictions in terms of continent or region – the world is your oyster!

Step 3

Key in the number of passengers and travel class you wish to make your search for.

Step 4

Hit ‘Search’. You will be directed to a page that shows you all the results for the various flight routes you have specified. Using the filters on the left-hand side, you can fine tune your search for departure times, airline, airports, total journey duration, and even the number of stops. Voila! You have a list of the perfect flights.

Step 5

If you wish to get into details about any section of your journey, click on the ‘Select’ link of each search result box. A pop-up window will open which shows you the details for each flight. You can use the drop down arrows to expand the box. 

Step 6

Book your perfect multi-city flight by clicking the ‘Select’ button on the right hand side of the search result box. Skyscanner will now redirect you to the airline or travel agent’s website where you can proceed to complete your booking.

You’re done! Your multi-city break should be quite a breeze considering that you got your hands on the best flights so easily.

Want to make this easy process simpler? Use the Skyscanner App! You can use our multi-city break on both Android as well as iOS. Here is how:

Step 1

Download App Now

Select ‘Multi City’ on the Skyscanner App flight page.

Step 2

Enter up to 6 legs of your multi-destination journey while selecting departure airports, destinations and dates from drop down menus.

Step 3

Enter the number of passengers and travel class.

Step 4

Hit ‘Search’ and you’re done. Go ahead and choose from the many choices!

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Now, how about a suggestion for the upcoming summer vacation? Here is how you can design your multi-city European tour this summer…

Route Planner: Barcelona to Amsterdam, through Paris and Brussels

This city hopping itinerary through western Europe takes you to some of its most iconic cities and their sights. Booking flights for four cities may sound a bit hectic, but with Skyscanner’s handy multi-city search tool on the job, it’s time you flashed your Schengen visa around the Continent!

Start with Barcelona – the city of Gaudi’s architectural wonders rising up from a maze of old stone walls and alleys. The city has high street fashion and museums full of art and history jostling for tourists’ attention, and it is also home to the collective footballing dreams of a nation. If you get the time from admiring its ancient churches, palaces and mansions, head to the pretty coastline of Costa Brava dotted with beachside towns.

Then there is Paris, the romantic city of lights and charming neighbourhoods. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Notre Dame should be adequate to stun you; but there is always the royal palace in nearby Versailles to completely knock you out! Recover your wits at the cafes that Paris is so famous for, and watch the world go by.

Brussels. A delicious mix of chocolate, waffles and architecture. Known as the chocolate capital of the world, the streets of the Brussels are lined with cafes where you can sample and shop for the sinful stuff. Visit the Grand Palace, the Atomium, and the Manneken Pis between your waffle binges – it will help walk off the excesses you have been committing!

Finally, Amsterdam. A city slashed with a network of canals and connected by bridges, Amsterdam is best explored by bicycle. Easily rented, a bike tour brings you as close to the spirit of the city as is possible for a tourist. For the balance, you can get a different perspective touring the canals by boat. Spend time upping your art quotient at the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum, and brush up on some history at the Anne Frank House.

Want to explore Europe by bus or train?

Not a problem. If you choose to backpack through Europe and intersperse your flights with land travel, the multi-city flight search tool still comes in handy. Use it to book your outward and return flights to different destinations in one go, after taking into consideration your bus and train journeys.

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Thinking about booking your stay now? Skyscanner’s hotel booking page is user friendly and easy to navigate, with lots of choices for your stay that you can filter to suit your requirements.