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Taj Mahal to get its own airport and runway soon

Enjoying the Taj Mahal's glory on a full moon night is passe. It is time to enjoy the iconic structure from the skies above! Taj Mahal's new airport, coded AFD, will open to public this month. It is time to book your tickets for a journey of your lifetime to view this 'labour of love' in marble.

Runway to be 8000 ft long While usual runways are about 6000 ft long in length, this specific runway is being made lengthier so that it enables comfortable landing of private jets like the Air Force One, owned by the President of the United States. There has been a recent request made by the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un to visit the iconic mausoleum in his private jet. Kim Jong-Un is known to build private runways next to his palaces at huge costs, and efforts are underway to ensure he feels the same comfort and ease in the country.

Runway for kings

State-of-the-art airport to add to Taj Mahal’s allure One of the world’s seven wonders deserves an airport of a similar stature. There will be magnificent use of marble and glass to allow delegates and guests to enjoy the view of the Taj Mahal from the airport itself. Talks are underway with London’s Madame Tussauds to recreate the Mughal era in an airport museum, with wax statues of emperors like Akbar the Great, Babur and of course, the legendary Shah Jahan who created this structure for his beloved wife. Ashutosh Gowarikar, popularly known for his magnum opus, Jodhaa Akbar, has also joined in as a consultant for the project.

World Class airport to be built

Taj Mahal’s airport to be ‘made in India’ in line with the ‘ Swacch Bharat’ initiaitives All attempts are being made to ensure that the airport and the runway are ‘made in India’ and in line with the ‘now-on, now-off’ initiatives. While none of the money collected through the Swachh Bharat cess will be used for this project (on account of it being useful), the project runway will ensure the ethos of the initiative exists through the construction.

Made in India?

Check flights to Agra, till the airport is ready

Hope you are having a fantastic April 1st, just like we are!