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Last minute flight deals

Are you a deal junkie, always on the hunt for the best on offer? Does work send you off to the airport at the very last moment? Or are you one of those who likes to make up their minds at the last moment, just for the thrill of it? In any case, Skyscanner’s LAST MINUTE option is just the thing for you. Read on for how to get your hands on the best last minute deals that Skyscanner has to offer.


Download the Skyscanner App

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Tap on the ‘EXPLORE’ icon at the bottom of the home page




Enter your departure airport in ‘DEPARTING FROM’

You will be presented with a variety of destinations, domestic and international, to choose from. If you are travelling on a whim, this list is endless; and if you need to go to a particular destination, scroll through it to see if the destination of choice is on the list.

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Select your destination


Narrow down your choices by choosing between ROUNDTRIP and ONE-WAY and defining your TRIP TYPE. You can now streamline your search to specify the length of your trip as well as the stops. Once you have chosen the number of days and stops for your flight, you will see various options for all available dates.


You can tie up other loose ends of your trip by heading to QUICK SEARCH and choosing accommodation from HOTELS and getting yourself some wheels on CAR RENTAL.

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This is how you do it:

EXAMPLE 1: Traveling to Delhi from Mumbai

Planning a last minute weekend getaway from Mumbai to New Delhi? Make the most of the short time duration by setting your TRIP TYPE filters to WEEKENDS and NON-STOP ONLY. Now you can choose from the cheapest flights available over all weekends, as well as multiple choices over the next 2 or 4 weeks. Planning your weekend in advance? Scroll further to check rates for weekends over the next 3 months as well.

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EXAMPLE 2: Traveling to Chandigarh to Jaipur

A few days in Jaipur on your mind? Enter your current location, let’s say Chandigarh, and set your filters to 3-5 DAYS and ALL FLIGHTS – this will give you multiple options, since there are both direct as well as flights with stops operating between Chandigarh and Jaipur. You can choose the days that best suit your schedule and then hop over to the HOTELS icon to finalise your digs. Here too, Skyscanner makes your job easier by offering a range of filters. You can narrow down your search by sorting it according to the BEST or by PRICE. Voila! You’re set to go.

EXAMPLE 3: Traveling to Pune

In the mood to explore Pune? Let’s get you there on the best flight, hook you up with a hotel that meets your budget and expectations, and then help you rent a car so that you can drive yourself in and around Pune at leisure. Once you’ve booked your flight and hotel, head to QUICK SEARCH and tap on CAR RENTAL. Filter your search according to your requirement – you can choose the CAR CLASS that suits you, the CAR TYPE, a PICK-UP option, other FEATURES, FUEL POLICY, PROVIDER RATING, BOOKING SITE and even TRANSMISSION. You’ll have your set of wheels waiting for you when you arrive!

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Now that Skyscanner has figured out how to sort out your last minute travel urges, all you have to do is download the Skyscanner App and decide where you wish to go to!
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