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New year destinations for Indians

New Year travel is right for so many reasons. Last year’s travel calendar is done and dusted, a brand new year is around the corner, and there are a whole lot of destinations to be explored. Kick off the year with a trip to one of the cities on your bucket list. Skyscanner puts together a list of 2019 New Year destinations – domestic and international – that have emerged as favourites with Indian travellers for 2019 New Year travel. Read on.


Trending 2019 domestic New Year destinations

Talking about travel within India and metros invariably pop up on the list. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and even cities like Hyderabad and Ahmedabad usually make it to the top of any ‘where are Indians headed to’ list. Which is not to say that travel within the country is limited to larger cities. The 2019 New Year destination traffic list is seeing quite a bit of imagination coming into play with heavy bookings for cities like Goa, Port Blair, Bengaluru and even Kochi.

Trending 2019 international New Year destinations

Come December and there is mass exodus from the country – families looking to travel for that well deserved R&R. Winter break in schools and festival season in December and January only helps to expedite vacation plans, especially when international travel is on the cards. South East Asia has always been a winter favourite, given that this is the best time to travel to tropical destinations. Dubai is a hot favourite too, the shopping festival and good weather coming together to offer an unbeatable experience. Down Under beckons with its cities drenched in the summer sun, Sydney and Melbourne are popular too. Paris, New York, London and Toronto are not to be left behind, all layered in snow and decked up in festive cheer.

Trending Domestic DestinationsTrending International Destinations
Port BlairBali
AhmedabadNew York

Inspired to take off for that New Year holiday? If not, let more talk of international destinations help tempt you to book your flights.


Bangkok – a good holiday for all seasons, and a great idea for the New Year. The exciting city is a short flight away, it offers great food, there is lots of exciting shopping, and it is also a gateway to some beautiful beach cities. Come back refreshed after all those massages, a new electronics stash and definitely a refurbished wardrobe!

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Another great South East Asian choice for a New Year holiday. Bali is all pretty beaches, tropical forest, relaxing massages, and great food – a perfect recipe for a great start to the New Year. Spend your days rejuvenating, cycling round the countryside and admiring ancient temples along the way. December and January is technically off season for Bali, with the rainy season in full swing during this time. You could get rained out, and often, but the sun shines soon enough and the deal you scored will definitely make up for the occasional rainy day.

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Dubai is again a short flight away and December-January is definitely the best time to visit. When the weather at a destination can be aptly described as hot and hotter, it helps when there is even a slight dip in temperature. ‘Winter’ evenings in Dubai are pleasant, and days can easily be spent lost in its labyrinthine air conditioned malls. The annual shopping festival is exciting and offers great deals. Entertainment is always top notch – for families, couples and even single travelers.

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Go south and find the summer sun again. Sydney in the southern hemisphere transports you to sunny, sandy beaches and a surprising summer Santa. Sightseeing, food, shopping and beaches – Sydney is a visitor’s delight. Spend your days discovering Sydney’s sights and sample its incredible menus along the way. Shop away and then get some rest on those world famous stretches of sand.

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Colombo – pretty and quaint, with a colonial touch, but no longer just a stopover for beach destinations across the country. Its vibrant mix of architecture, market places, temples, green spaces, museums, galleries and eateries make it a great choice of international destination. A short flight away, Colombo can be visited through the year, but post monsoon season is definitely a good time to head south.

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New York

The traditional best time to visit New York is definitely the summer, but the charm of its colourful festive season puts December and January right up there as well. Though freezing cold, the warmth of the holiday cheer draws tourists by the hordes to its decked up streets. Expect to go around town checking out Christmas trees, holiday lights tours, winter villages and Christmas shows.

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Now that you have an idea of 2019 New Year destinations, go ahead and make your plans. Book your flights, hotels or rent a car with Skyscanner today. You can do all of these on our mobile apps too.