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Use Country Search to explore flights to your dream destination on Skyscanner

Decided on your next international destination, but pondering which city to land in? Concerned about a high international travel budget? Check out the different cities where you may take a flight to, scan through the prices to each airport and do not miss out on the best deals available. All this and more on Skyscanner’s easy-to-use “Country Search” feature.

How to check for cheap flights

1: Flight search – destination country

If you want to strike off some of the places in UK from your bucket list, but are unsure of the city to land, use our flight search as usual but enter “UK” (as we are searching the entire country now) under the destination “To” option, select the dates of travel and click “Search flights”.

Search for flights to the destination country

2: Flight search – destination city

You will be taken to a page with the various airports of UK with the cheapest flight prices displayed. If you wish to start your trip with a visit to the Big Ben, click “London”.

Various airports with cheap flight options

3: Flight search – departure city

Select your city of departure (in case you have not selected it on the home page). If you are flying from Mumbai, click “Mumbai”.

Select your city of departure

4: Result page

The result page with hundreds of flight options, prices and timings across different airlines departing from Mumbai to London is displayed.

Flight options to your selected destination

5: Flight selection

Select the flight convenient to you in terms of the airlines, prices and flight timings. It will list all the deals available for that flight, in ascending order of the prices.

Various flight options with prices

6: Ticket booking

Once you select the deal that is suitable for you, Skyscanner will redirect you to the respective airline’s or travel agent’s website for booking your tickets.

Redirected to airline's or travel agent's website

Additional user-friendly features

1. Price alert

In case you are planning your travel in advance, say 2 months to 8 months in advance, then you can subscribe to Skyscanner’s price alert that will let you know every time there is a price change (up or low) for the route you have selected. This is a very helpful tool for you to book the flights at the right time and at the best price. Click on “Get Price Alerts” to subscribe to this.

Subscribe to Skyscanner's price alert feature

2: Cheapest month

If you are flexible on the dates of travel, you can use the Cheapest Month search feature to check out the most economical flight prices to your desired destination. Select “Cheapest month” in the dates of travel to get the cheapest flight options. These flight options are selected after scanning through all the airlines and their prices.

Use the cheapest month option on Skyscanner

3: Flight price comparison

You also have the option to compare flight prices across a specific month you wish to travel and finalise on the dates from the calendar of cheapest flights that are most affordable and suitable for you.

Compare prices across a specific month

The flight price for each day of the month is displayed. To make it more convenient for you, prices are highlighted in different colours. Prices in red indicate they are on the higher side, whereas prices in green indicate they are on the lower side.

Flight price for each day of a specific month

Travelling to a new destination is always an adventure, but to ensure you avoid unwanted hazards, it’s always good to book your accommodations and cabs (if required) in advance. Check out the hotel and cab options available at Skyscanner. Just to treat yourself to a happier vacation, you can also use Skyscanner’s award winning app to find the best deals on flights and hotels, and for hiring cars quickly and smartly across thousands of providers.