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6 reasons why you need to visit Italy this summer

It’s that time of the year again when the mercury rises as we say bye to the sweet smell of spring. This change in the temperature makes us lazy – coaxing us to take a little break. If you want to live a happier life, then we highly recommend you listen to the signals your body is sending you and indulge in a well-deserved summer vacation. Oh and before you start wondering where to go, we have a suggestion for you to make your summer epic. Italy! A country which is perfect for a solo adventure, a family vacation or even a honeymoon. Here is why you need to visit Italy this summer:

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1. A glimpse of art through history

Photo: Coliseum of Rome by Carmen Fernandes

Slept through your history classes back in school? No worries a visit to Italy will give you a much needed history lesson. When in Rome, even the park benches have a story to tell! After all, it is the former seat of the Roman Empire. Being the country where the Renaissance Movement began, Italy is a country where you will get to witness many masterpieces. The epicenter for this movement was Florence – a town in Tuscany where the masterpieces are still preserved. Oh and by the way, Florence has been declared as one of the most beautiful cities in the world by Forbes. Seriously, the art connoisseur in you will thank you for visiting Florence!

2. Italian food and wine

pizza in italy
Photo: Pizza in Italy by Javed Mazumdar

Perhaps the most popular food in the world, Italy’s Pizza is loved by people of all generations. Unlike the Indian cuisine, most Italian dishes have only 4 – 8 key ingredients. If you move beyond Pizza, Italy will spoil you with its lasagnas, risottos, tortellini and not to forget – gelato! What do you do when you stuff yourself with food laden with Parmigiano? Simple – wash it with a glass of Italian wine.

Wine cellar in Italy by Carmen Fernandes
Photo: Whine cellar in Italy by Carmen Fernandes

3. Enter the world of fantasy in Italy’s fairy tale village

Photo: Cinque Terre by Jeremy of Escapist Atlas

Even been to a place which was so beautiful that you had to pinch yourself to believe it? Well, you’ll be pinching yourself all the time as you walk through the villages of Cinque Terre! If history is not your thing, then you can star in your own fairy tale by spending a few days here. These picturesque villages are situated on Italian Riviera coastline and are sure to steal your heart. This is Manarola – one of the most famous Cinque Terre towns.

4. Swim around in south Italy’s blue water

blue waters of Italy

If you like being lazy on your vacations, then the beaches of South Italy are perfect for you. With a backdrop of rigged cliffs, these beaches photograph beautifully which may result in some good natured jealousy from your Facebook friends. Moreover, the adventurer in you will seize the opportunity for an epic cliff jump. This is Porto Selvaggio in the Salento peninsula – sshhh – don’t tell a lot of people about this place!

5. The weather

Unlike many European destinations where the summer is cold, Italy’s warm and pleasant weather makes it one of the top summer destinations. From the months of April to June, the flowers bloom in plenty and the temperature gradually rises. As July approaches, Italy sees warmer days and the highest visitor numbers. As the weather gradually cools down in September, it’s the perfect time to the catch grapes and olive harvest. The season of harvest is celebrated in full swing and countryside comes alive with feasts, festivals and celebrations. Wouldn’t you want to witness this?

6. Venice is sinking – visit before it’s too late!

venice is sinking
Photo: Venice by Kenton de Jong

Perhaps the most romantic city in the world, Venice has a reputation of stealing even the most cynical hearts! This city is entirely made on a group of small islands that are connected by bridges. The only other mode of transport between these islands is by taking a gondola ride over the canals. This world famous city of canals has reportedly been sinking at the rate of 2mm per year. If this doesn’t convince you to head to Italy, then there’s absolutely no hope for you! While you’re in Venice, don’t miss the nearby towns which can be covered in a day trip. One such town is Burano, where it will feel as if you’re wearing rainbow glasses. Wherever you go, you will be surrounded by tiny colorful houses that will make you fall in love with Italy all over again.

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italy in all its glory

This article was written by Sonal Kwatra Paladini for Skyscanner