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Do browser cookies increase flight prices?

Do browser cookies really increase flight prices? Skyscanner unveils the mystery behind browser cookies, to clear up the confusion once and for all. Next time, book like a pro, and chomp away those cookies. Alert: Technical jargon simplified!

What’s a browser cookie?

A browser cookie is a text or data file stored on your computer by your web browser, containing a variety of information with regards to your visit to a website. Basically, it’s where user preferences are stored (such as passwords, usernames and login details), so you won’t have to fill up these details, over and over again, every time you visit a specific website. In addition, cookies can make things a whole lot easier at your end when you are searching for something, flights for instance, since the website can give you ideas that match user preferences perfectly.

There are two major types of browser cookies – the persistent cookie and the session cookie. The latter has a rather short shelf-life, and is designed to collect and store information for the duration of your time, searching. However, the session cookie will be deleted, as soon as your computer shuts down.

The persistent cookie, on the other hand, lasts a bit longer, but usually has an expiration date, which could be a few months or days in the future, after it is deleted.

Browsers cookies aren't as bad as most people think

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Does Skyscanner use them to increase rates for flights?

Skyscanner only shows rates passed on to us by the airline or travel agent whose rates we display. In other words, it’s not possible for the Skyscanner cookie, in any way, to influence these rates since your session is practically anonymous until the point of visiting the travel agent or airline’s website to book flights. Essentially, the price for flight you see on Skyscanner is the one the airlines and travel agents give us – we put obligations on our consorts to make sure that the flights are available at the rates they send us.

The flight prices, of course, can go up and down pretty quickly. We always keep a close eye on all flight prices shown by the companies, and if we ever find a behaviour that’s unfair in some way, we would take action immediately.

Browser cookies can be a great boon for travelers

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Will clearing my browser cookies help me score a cheaper flight?

No. And we repeat. Not at all! Skyscanner is totally unbiased and, as we’ve mentioned earlier, the prices for the flights we show are based on what the airlines and online travel agencies tell us.

In fact, companies like Apple have added updates to their web browsers that block cookies being added by websites and also disable certain websites from tracking activity across the web – such as how many times someone has searched for a flight. This essentially means that your search history remains exclusive and your privacy is protected. So skip the cookie clearing mumbo jumbo – just book and get travelling!

Clearing your cookies won't help you find good deals

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But, why do prices go up?

This can be a bit complicated, and will depend on a lot of different factors. But, it is always worth noting that prices for flights change in real time. Skyscanner takes great strides to ensure that the rates you see on our website are the actual prices you pay with the travel agent or airline, inclusive of all charges and fees.

The closer your departure date is, the more expensive your flight is going to be, because there is less availability on a particular flight. So, less availability means expensive prices for flights? Yes..and no.

If there are plenty of available seats on a flight, then our partners might increase the cost of each ticket, to compensate for the cost of having to fly the plane half full. So, when is the best time to find the cheapest flights? Read on, to unlock some airline secrets that will help you find cheap flights.

Prices online can go up and down any time

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When is the best time for Indians to book the cheapest flight?

Skyscanner got in touch with 1,000 Indian travellers and figured out that 72% don’t know when they should book their flights to bag the best travel deals. We also scoured our data and analysed millions of flights and routes from India to shed light on this question. From our research, we discovered that the best time to book a flight is no later than 12 weeks before your trip. The exact time frame, however, does differ according to your picked destination. To get the exact timing on when to book the most affordable flights, check out our full report.

Skyscanner can help you find the best travel deals online

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Is there a sure-fire way to find the best deals on flights?

Luckily, Sksycanner has a plethora of tools to help you find the best deals on flights.

• Sign up for our price email alerts, to get real-time flight price updates to your preferred destination. • If you have flexible travel dates, search for flights on Skyscanner across an entire month or even year. That way, you are going to find the cheapest days to travel for the year or month. • Not sure where to go? Then, use our “Everywhere” search tool, to find flights to literally everywhere, and we will show the cheapest flight rates for a range of destinations, in a given time period.

Booking flights with Skyscanner increases your chances of landing a great travel deal

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