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Top 5 tips on how to save on your Europe trip

Visiting Europe is not an easy task, especially given the costs involved. But if you know how to save on basics, it can be quite do-able. Skyscanner gives you some pointers on how to travel in Europe without burning a hole in your pocket. Search flights to Europe now

1. Save on your food bill

You may actually have to break the bank for your hunger pangs. We all know that in Europe you should carry bottles filled with water from the hotel, keep snacks and pre-made sandwiches from 7/11 stores handy while on the move, and make a picnic out of your lunch. Here are some more budget friendly F&B tips:

• Get your cup of coffee standing at a bar in Italy – sitting down at a table will cost you more! • Pay half sitting inside at the bar versus sitting at a table on the exterior pavement of an eatery. • Get your beers at local drinking holes during happy hours. • Buy wine by the bottle instead of paying by the glass. • Look out for water fountains to refill your bottle instead of shelling out more €s for another.

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2. Save on your travel bill

It is easy to suggest using public transport to get you from one place to another without draining your holiday fund. Here is how you actually do it.

Travelling in the UK? Use low cost bus service Megabus, or National Express with their cheap rates for specific routes; booking online is cheaper than over the phone. For London, use the Oyster Card. Eurostar’s SNAP fares, if booked 7 days in advance, are way cheaper than regular fares. Travelling from London to Paris? Book Eurolines in advance for discounted rates plus rebates on accommodation with partner companies. • Figure out your city’s public transport options and decide on what suits you – 24-hour passes, multiple-day passes, or weekly passes. • Hop on to local and regional trains for cheap travel in countries like Hungary and Poland. • Book your train in advance using sites like The Train Line or Cross Country Trains for longer trips in The U.K and get discounted rates. Also, booking a cheaper overnight train and sleeping your way to the next destination helps you save on one night’s room rent. In France, check out the Intercities Night Train network. • Book the Eurail pass online way ahead of schedule for the best prices. • Take a high speed train if you have to go from Milan to Paris. It will take you a while, but it will be a comfy train ride through the pretty French Alps!

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3. Save on your sightseeing bill

Be aware of all the deals that the city you’re travelling to is offering. If you like museums, here is what you should know:

• Museums in Paris have free entry on the first Sunday of every month. • In Berlin, free entry days are different for every museum. • In Venice, some museums and galleries are free in the evening on the last Tuesday of every month. • In the UK, state-run museums offer free entry. • In Italy, state-run museums are free for kids under 18. • Remember: Students must carry the ISIC card. You will get a discount anywhere between 20% to 50% off on museum admissions and tourist attractions. Always enquire about special rates for students, seniors, and groups.

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4. Plan and save

Plan way ahead of time and avail early bird discounts and offers!

• The earlier you book, the cheaper your flight fares will be. • Visit cities in more affordable countries like Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, or Portugal. If you must go to pricey countries, then plan to visit in non-tourist season. • Always head to the Tourist Information Centre in a new city. Get familiar with all the information regarding the city – travel, museum and sightseeing passes, free events, promotions, and discounts that are being offered.

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5. Save on your flights

Flights are easily the most convenient way for inter-city travel. Skyscanner has some interesting ways that can help you stay on top of flight prices and holiday planning. Read on for some of its helpful tools and applications.
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• The Whole Month feature Ready to head to Europe? Here is a sure shot way to score cheap flights. Skyscanner’s Whole Month search feature helps you zero in on the cheapest travel dates. As long as your itinerary is flexible, this superb tool will make sure that you bag the cheapest flights for your next trip.

• The Price Alert Tool If you are wondering whether to book now or later – worry not – since Skyscanner also has a tool that alerts you whenever there is a change in flight prices. This amazing tool scans prices of all airlines and online travel agents. You will receive one single notification when there is a price change. Please read how to sign up for our ‘Price Alert’ tool.

• The Map Tool When you plan a holiday, the first thing that comes to your mind is budget-friendly destinations. To help you decide where to go, Skyscanner introduces the user-friendly Map Tool. With a simple click of the mouse, you can view multiple destinations that you can head to, along with the flight prices for those destinations. In a nutshell, it tells you how far your money can take you!

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