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Top Travel Trends in 2019

Are you tired of glammed-up places that are crowded and not really your cup of tea? If you don’t want to follow in the footsteps of throngs of people. If you feel you must slow down, enjoy the sights completely even if you see only a small part of paradise; then you are in luck. The top travel trends in 2019 are all about camping, biking at your pace, dark tourism, Instagram-worthy destinations and personalized travel itineraries.

Last year people travelled most to those places that were supposed to disappear in a few years’ time. This year, tourists want to experience the luxury and good life on their journey. Visitors want to sight-see places throughout the world lavishly. That’s why luxury travel is projected to make a key impact on the travel industry in 2019. For the new-age jet-setter, everything is possible; space travel is a possibility soon, what with a sizeable investment being made in orbital space travel.

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Among the several travel trends, Skyscanner picked the top travel trends in 2019 just for you. Check them out

Top 12 Travel Trends in 2019

Travel Trends 2019Where to go (Destinations)
Luxurious TravelJapan, Croatia, Iceland, Italy
Sustainable travel destinations Alonnisos, Greece, The Philippines, São Tomé and Príncipe in Africa, Jordan
Customised/Bespoke holidays Ibiza, Japan, Colorado
Offbeat destinations Tromso in Norway, Reykjavik in Iceland, Belfast in Northern Ireland, Rothernberg in Germany
Walking Tours Spain, Food and Culinary tour of Benevello in Italy, Gastronomic walking tour of Paris
Off-peak Travel Mardi Gras in New Orleans, New Zealand, Greek Isles, Costa Rica, Cape Cod
Popular Central Asia Kyrgyzstan, the silk route in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Almaty
Extended family holidays Portugal, Grand Canyon, Tokyo, Toronto, New Orleans, Guanacaste in Costa Rica
Maximizing the micro-vacations Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Israel, Cuba
Solo Adventures White River Rafting in Rishikesh, Roopkund Trek- Uttarakhand, Manali to Leh Bike Trip, Exploring Vietnam and Cambodia
Instagram Destinations Joffre Lakes British Columbia, Canada; Bamboo forest, Kyoto Japan; Salt flats, Uyuni Bolivia, Bora Bora, Vatnajokull, Iceland
Tech savvy VacationsSerene Gardens in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, China, Japan

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Luxurious Travel

According to travel trends, the Luxury travel market today is expanding faster than it did five years ago. The growth rate is predicted to be 6.2 % for this sector in the next ten years. 2019 will likely see more tourists opting for villas or searching for deluxe camps aka Glamping.

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Most will look forward to embarking on attractive trips and travel in premium trains or large well-equipped cruise liners. Though currency fluctuations may play spoilsport in a few countries affecting this segment, people from other developed countries will seek to travel luxuriously at discounted rates, which are likely to fuel the growth of the segment.

Japan makes it to the top of the list for luxury travel in 2019 for travellers from Australia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Croatia make is it to the second spot, while Iceland and Italy found a spot in the list.

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Sustainable Travel Destinations

More and more people are becoming conscious of their environment, which is why eco-tourism is on the rise.  The ABTA Travel Trends report predicts nearly 45 per cent tourists will consider sustainable tourism an important aspect while deciding on their holiday bookings.

This trend will become one of the top travel trends in 2019. Social issues will gain importance while choosing the travel destination for most travellers. Whether it is controlling the use of one-use plastic, waste management to preserving heritage, LGBT-welcoming places and more, sustainable tourism will include a broad range of diverse concerns. Not only travel places, but nearly 6 per cent tourists chose a travel company after checking their conservation records last year.

Alonnisos in Greece is the most sustainable travel destinations in the world. You can enjoy quaint fishing villages with plenty of underwater adventures you can indulge in, while not adding to the crowds of Athens and Crete. You can walk or cycle to explore the towns, reducing your impact as tourists.

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The Philippines comes a close second with its award-winning El Nido Resorts in the Palawan province. This place is central to 12 national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines.

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Bespoke Holidays

The world is your oyster, not exploring it as much as possible is criminal. The wish to discover its pristine corners, experience rare encounters and create exclusive memories, will continue to grow this year among visitors. More and more vacationers are leaving the typical tourist guides, looking to create a personalized itinerary that takes them towards smaller towns instead of cities.

The latest ABTA Travel Trends report says, in 2018, 60 per cent people booked holiday packages as they were best value options. The advantages of travel packages are not limited to just saving money, you are protected and assured of good service if the travel partner is involved. However, the travel package industry will see a small swing towards personalised experiences in 2019.

A bespoke trip has quickly become one of the top travel trends in 2019, and tourists want to enjoy their favourite activities while enjoying the perks of a customized vacation.

Check out Ibiza Bay’s micro-travel experiences that offer bespoke experiences in Ibiza. Bespoke holidays could be anything from tree houses, luxury lodges to yurts or premium houseboats and more with handpicked activities curated just for you.

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