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Travel Awards for Indian Cities 2019🏆

Have you ever wondered which is the top travel destination for Indians or which city travels solo the most? Skyscanner brings to you Travel Awards for Indian cities 🏆 based on our 2018 flight search data. We have a variety of fun and interesting categories like top rising destinations, city that prefers to travel with family, etc. 
Find out our complete list below to see if your city made it to the list! 

Top 10 Domestic & International City Rankings

New Delhi retains its crown 👑 as the top domestic destination for Indians followed by Mumbai and Bangalore. Chennai and Ahmedabad rose up in the rankings whereas Kolkata and Kochi fell compared to 2017. 
For international destinations, Dubai and Bangkok retained their #1 and #2 spots respectively. Singapore leaves London behind to be the third most popular destination for Indians. Toronto and Kuala Lumpur also rise up in the rankings. 

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Upcoming Domestic & International Destinations

We found out the list of domestic and international destinations for Indians which saw the most growth in flight searches in 2018 compared to 2017. Indore was the fastest growing domestic destination and Istanbul was the fastest growing international destination for Indians. 

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Solo vs Family Travel 

Our data shows that city with the most percentage of solo travelers is Tiruchirapalli whereas most percentage of people who travel with family are from Goa.

Short vs Long Holiday

We found the city that prefers short trips the most is Mumbai whereas city that prefers long trips the most is Varanasi. 

Booking Late vs Booking Early

People in Bangalore book flights very close to the departure date. They seem to make spontaneous trip plans and book tickets on the last minute. Whereas Kolkata seems to take a safer and planned approach. It is the Indian city which prefers booking in advance the most. 

Most business class & mobile travelers

The Indian city that travels in business class the most is Mumbai.
We also found out the share of users who book flights through mobile and desktop. Srinagar topped the list with maximum percentage of people who book through mobile. 

Busiest vs Least fly day

Want to know what day in 2018 people traveled the least and the most? Our data shows that 28 January 2018 was the day least number of people flew on. Whereas 22 December 2018 was the day most people flew on. This is exciting as it shows the holiday spirit for Christmas and New Year was high this year! 🎄🎉

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