Travel news Tulip Festival at the Tulip Garden in Srinagar – All You Must Know

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Tulip Festival at the Tulip Garden in Srinagar – All You Must Know

Have you ever stepped into an arbour and felt like wow... that is truly beautiful? Well, imagine the same kind of view, but on a larger scale at the Tulip Festival held at the Tulip Garden in Srinagar. Your Kashmir vacays are incomplete without a trip to this beautiful garden. Called the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, it is one of the largest gardens in Asia. Snuggled on the foothills of the Zabarwan mountain range at an altitude of 5600 ft, overlooking the fabulous Dal Lake in Siraj Bagh, this garden is home to several flower species other than tulips like the Daffodils, Hyacinths, Roses, Ranunculi, Muscaria, Iris, etc

Tulip Festival

The Tulip Festival is held at the beginning of spring in Srinagar, between March and May, when the tulip buds are ready to bloom. This festival lasts for fifteen days or a month as different flowers continue to bloom creating a rainbow of colours. The weather dictates when the Tulip Festival begins each year. So, if you’ve missed it last year, you could plan for this year.

While we know there will be better times to plan a trip to Srinagar, a walk through the Tulip Garden should be on your list when you do. We at Skyscanner thought of listing a few interesting facts about the tulip garden for you.

About Tulip Garden

Once called the Model Floriculture Center, the Tulip Garden was first opened in 2007 by the former Chief Minister Gulam Nabi Azad. The Dal Lake, Nishat Bagh, and Chashma Shahi Garden surround this gorgeous garden on three sides.

This flower field was the first largest landscaping project undertaken by the government after the Mughals built pleasure spots in Kashmir in the 16th century.

Spread over 30 acres, this terraced garden is built on a mountain slope. There are seven terraces each with a different variety of flowers, especially tulips. With more than 46 varieties and 15 lakh tulips, new flowers are added each year. The tulip is a novelty; however, the climatic conditions of Kashmir are most suited for it.

Open Hours: 9am to 7pm Mon-Sun.
Entry Fee: INR50 for adults and INR25 for children

Tulip Garden Srinagar

The garden is only 9km away from Srinagar; you can reach it using local transport or private cars from the airport. The garden proudly displays infinite rows of breathtaking tulip flowers. Apart from the regular yellow, red and orange tulips, you will be able to view some unique hybrid flowers too.

The tulip garden at Srinagar is truly a treat to the senses – the bright colours will impress your sight while the mesmerising smell of the blooms will refresh your mind.

A tulip Rainbow

Gazing upon this nature’s wonder from afar, you feel like the rainbow decided to descend on the earth and offer you a celestial view of what the paradise would look like.

The Best Time to Visit Srinagar

The best time to visit the Tulip Garden is between March-end and early April. If you fancy visiting the annual Tulip festival, then make it a point to reach Srinagar during the 1st two weeks of April. The weather is cool, pleasant throughout the year in Srinagar. April to October is the best time to visit if you love seeing colourful blossoms all over the city.

How to Reach Srinagar

Srinagar is reachable through direct flights from around the world. You can also take a bus or train to reach Srinagar and then use local transport to visit other places in and around the state. The Tulip garden is quite well known and easy to reach once you’re in the city.