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Udchalo Flights Booking Defence Quota – How to Make the Most of It Today

Searching for flights is stressful, especially when you consider checking on different websites as well as the dynamic pricing strategy the airlines use. Flight search becomes a chore when you must travel at a moments’ notice like most armed force personnel do. Prices soar for last-minute flights, which makes finding a cheap flight nearly impossible. Most personnel in the armed forces search for defence quota flight booking on various flight search website to find cheap deals.

Airlines like Air India, SpiceJet and others offer defence quota flight tickets, but they aren’t easy to find. To get a discounted flight ticket, the armed forces’ personnel must contact the airline directly. Discounts can be availed for their next of kin and dependents though they may not be the best always. To make sure the armed forces were able to find cheaper flight deals; Udchalo flights – All Defence Airfares on a single platform was introduced in 2012.

How to book on UdChalo?

If you are or know someone in the armed forces, paramilitary, veterans or dependents of the armed force personnel, then here’s a ready guide for UdChalo flights defence quota in India. Get an idea on how to make the most of it. You can check UdChalo website and proceed with your flight bookings.

What is UdChalo Flights Defence Quota?

UdChalo flight is the first of its kind; an air ticket-discount service for the armed forces and their families. This online travel website helps you buy unsold flight tickets that offer close to a 40 per cent discount. Recognised as the travel partner for the army, navy, air force personnel, the website offers fantastic deals on flights.

UdChalo FlightsHow was it set up?

An initiative of UpCurve Business Services Private Limited, – UdChalo flights was registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in September 2012. The Army Institute of Technology graduates partnered with various airlines to offer concessional air tickets to soldiers exclusively; to honour them for their devotion, determination, sacrifice. These discounted air tickets are available on the udChalo flight booking website and offline ticket counters across the country.

Who can benefit from UdChalo flight booking?

Personnel from the armed forces, veterans, veer naris, paramilitary forces and dependents of the Armed forces can take care of their all their travel needs on this website. What’s more, if you aren’t too comfortable using the online service you can book UdChalo flight tickets at booking counters across the country. 

How to check for tickets using UdChalo flight search?

Just like any other flight search you can select a single trip or a round trip, enter the city of origin and the destination, dates of travel and the number of travellers on the udChalo website. There’s only one small detail you need to confirm -whether you are from the Armed forces. Check the screenshots below to know what you must do to check flights.

Once you clicked submit on the first page, you will find a small form that asks you to enter your personal credentials. Select the appropriate arm of the armed forces from the drop down

Once you’ve selected the section, add your employee number or in this case Army number. If you are from the Navy, then a navy number and so on. The number can be a 7digit or 8 digits unique identifier.

Once you’ve confirmed the credentials, click continue. You will be able to see a list of flights for Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Go Airlines, Indigo, with their discounted prices. Choose the one that you feel suits your budget. Check the video to get a better idea of UdChalo flight booking

Documents accepted as Proof of Identity for UdChalo flights

Since deals are good, many people not in the armed forces have tried to misuse the service. With many cases where people used their family member’s service number to book the flight. Those who deserved to get benefit ended up buying the more expensive tickets. To avoid such incidents, proof of identity is now compulsory for UdChalo flight booking. Do remember, visiting the website and checking fares online does not require your identity card.

Documents considered for identity proof on UdChalo

• ECHS Health Card
• DSOI or RSI Club Card
• Canteen Smart Card
• Dependent Card
• An ID issued the ZSB/District Soldier Board issues

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