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Visa-friendly holiday destinations

Looking to leave Indian shores for a break? Skyscanner has everything you need to know about visas from around the world for Indian passport holders.

Different countries and governments have their own requirements for visas – passports, ID, and travel documents. These visa requirements may also vary depending on your country of origin – here is some information on visa types that will keep you on top of things the next time you plan a trip.

For a traveller, visa-wise, most countries fall into three categories – countries that require a visa before you travel, visa-on-arrival countries, and visa-free countries.

A typical visa request for Indians usually includes the following:
• A valid passport/travel document
• A visa application form
• Passport-sized photographs
• Confirmed tickets for return or onward journey
• Receipt for payment of visa fees

Some countries may also require the following:
• Travel health insurance policy
• Proof of accommodation for the duration of the stay
• Proof of sufficient funds

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Visa free countries for Indians

The Indian passport can take you to many countries around the world without needing a visa. That’s right; no paperwork required – all you have to do is pack your bags, book your tickets and accommodation on Skyscanner, and off you go!

The Indian passport can take you to these countries, among others, without the hassle of visa applications:


Indonesia is hundreds of islands, countless cultures, beaches, volcanoes and jungles – all coming together to give you a slice of equatorial heaven. Thanks to Bali, that beautiful Island of the Gods, it is little wonder that Indonesia is one of the favourite destinations for travellers from around the world. And Indians get to visit without a visa! For details on what documents need to be carried for a hassle-free, visa-free entry, click here.

Bali, a land of temples

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The pristine beaches and luxurious resorts that dot this collection of coral islands are like stories from another world. This is one place that is possibly as beautiful under water as it is over it. It helps that Indians get to visit visa free, since most things about the place spell luxury. For details on what documents need to be carried for a hassle-free, visa-free entry, click here.

Maldives, the road to paradise

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Living up to its moniker, Vegas of the East, Macau is indeed full of swanky casinos and glitzy shopping malls. The fact that it is a visa-free trip for Indians only enhances its allure. Want more substance to your vacation? Macau is also a land where the Portuguese colonial stamp mingles with Chinese culture to bring forth a unique flavour in everything from cuisine to its architecture. For details on what documents need to be carried for a hassle-free, visa free entry, click here.

Macau’s historic city centre

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Visa on arrival countries for Indians

Many countries around the world extend a visa-on-arrival facility to Indian passport holders.

The following are some countries that require lesser paperwork than others:


Thailand is a very popular destination for Indians. Indians head to Bangkok and other cities both for work as well as for leisure. The famous Thai welcome coupled with the convenient visa-on-arrival facility means sprawling on a beach in the Land of Smiles is as easy as pie. For details on what documents need to be carried for a hassle-free, visa-on-arrival entry, click here.

Thailand, world class beaches

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Get a unique Middle Eastern experience with a trip to Jordan. Go back in time with a simple visa on arrival – explore ancient Petra, the wondrous landscapes of Wadi Rum and historical Jerash. Live it up in hip and happening Amman and then relax in the waters of the Dead Sea. For details on what documents need to be carried for a hassle-free visa on arrival entry, click here.

Jordan, a historical wonder

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A made-to-order slice of heaven, Seychelles is secluded beaches, glistening blue waters, gorgeous views, and ultra-luxe resorts topped with a healthy dose of wildlife spotting. Dive and snorkel for under water wonders, rise to the surface for those delightful turtles, and look heavenward to bird watch. All this punctuated with delicious meals on the beach. Visa on arrival bliss! For details on what documents need to be carried for a hassle-free, visa-on-arrival entry, click here.

Seychelles, picture perfect

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Information correct as of August 2019. Please always check the latest guidance at the embassy websites of the respective countries before booking a trip.

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