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Visapur Fort – All you need to know before you visit

One of the highest hill forts in Maharashtra, Visapur Fort is located near Visapur village in Pune district. Known as a trekking destination, Visapur Fort is popular with trekkers from both Mumbai and Pune. The excursion is fun, with a moderate difficulty level, and you could trek and/or camp your way to the top. If you plan your trip during the monsoon season, not only will you be welcomed by lush greenery, you also get a chance to trek through a waterfall for most part of the trail. Sounds like fun! Read on for Skyscanner’s tips on how to get to Visapur Fort, the trek, the top things to do there and the best time to visit.


How to get to Visapur Fort

The closest railway station to Visapur Fort is Malavli Station, which is a little over 10 kilometres away. Malavli Station is well connected from Mumbai, Pune and Lonavla via local train network. To get from the railway station to the base village for the trek, you could hop into an auto, a taxi or even cover the distance on foot. In the mood for a road trip? Rent a bike – from Mumbai, Pune or Lonavla – and get to the base camp via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway in one shot.

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The Visapur Fort trek

The Visapur Fort trek, being of moderate difficulty level, is a good excursion option for beginners. There are three routes to the top – one from Patan Village, one from Bhaje Caves and the third one from Gaimukh Khind. Depending on which route you follow, it will take between one and two hours to get to Visapur Fort. Given the absence of accommodation options, staying the night is usually not an option and the trek is usually planned as a day trip from either Mumbai or Pune. If you do intend to make a longer trip of it, there are some limited options in Lohagad village, at the base of Visapur. Food and refreshments too follow the same pattern. With absolutely no food stalls on the way up to the Fort, packing a tiffin and water bottle with you is recommended – though at the base of the trek you will find eating joints and shacks that serve refreshments.

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What to carry for your trek to Visapur Fort – do’s and don’ts

Though the trek up to Visapur Fort is only moderately tough, it still requires you to be properly kitted out. You will need basic trekking gear which includes the following:

  1. Carry a trekking sack which holds all luggage.
  2. Pack an extra set of clothes, including socks, considering that most of the way up is on a waterfall trail.
  3. Pack a sweater or a jacket for the evening.
  4. Trekking shoes are a must.
  5. Be sure to carry a large water bottle and snacks if required.
  6. Keep a rainproof jacket handy.
  7. Put on a sun visor and sun glasses.
  8. Carry basic toiletries – there are no public conveniences on the way.
  9. Carry an emergency medical kit.

Do not wear uncomfortable, light or flimsy footwear. Avoid wearing jewelry and carrying valuables.

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Top things to do at Visapur Fort

  1. Admire the view, which will be especially lush and green if you plan your visit during the monsoon season.
  2. Check out the sights nearby – there is Tikona Fort, Lohagad Fort and Tung Fort in the vicinity.
  3. On your way up, take in the beauty of Pawna Lake. You can also spot it from the plateau.
  4. There are no facilities – read food and water – once you start the climb up to Visapur Fort. Carry your supplies and make a picnic of the visit in the ruins on the plateau.
  5. If you start early enough in the day, you could also trek across to Lohagad Fort.
  6. Take a walk along the perimeter.
  7. Explore the old houses, arches, water storage cisterns and temples in the complex.
  8. Explore the surrounding area.

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Best time to visit Visapur Fort

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The best time to visit Visapur Fort is between mid-June and end February. Winter months are ideal weather wise, but the monsoons starting in mid-June are preferred for not just the pleasant weather, but also the beautiful views of the surrounding greenery and a chance to walk through a gushing waterfall trail. If it is fort exploration that you are interested in, then plan your trip in the winter months between October and February – you will be spared wet and slippery trails and the weather will be perfect. Avoid visiting during the weekends – this is a popular trek with locals from Mumbai and Pune, so the trails tend to get busy.

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