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Travel news Wines, spirits and cocktails to try on your Goa holiday

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Wines, spirits and cocktails to try on your Goa holiday

Put a twist in your Goa holiday by trying a feni cocktail or tasting local King’s beer

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Goa may be known for its beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets and fabulous seafood but one mustn’t forget the Goan’s love for exotic drinks. Lower taxes and an alcohol-friendly environment have created the perfect space for Goans to produce their own specialties and experiment in other areas like with wines and Tequila. Order some of the local brews especially if you want to lift up your spirits. Here are a few Skyscanner suggestions of what to order the next time you’re in Goa:

1. King’s beer

King’s Black Label Premium pilsner is brewed and sold only in Goa. It has gained a little of a cult following as not every bar or restaurant carries it but if you spot it on the menu and want to savour the pale, light liquid with its signature smoky malt aroma then order a pint.

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2. Port wine

Port wine was first brought to Goa by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Marketed by the local Costas company, Vinicola port wine is a silky wine in dry, semi-dry and sweet varieties both as table and fortified wines. It is often served at Goan banquets and other functions. Also available in portable packs to take home as gifts for friends. Martin’s Corner in Betalbatim serves port wine.

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3. Feni

Goan feni is of two types – cashew feni and coconut feni. Cashew fruit is crushed and the juice is distilled twice to produce cashew feni whereas toddy is collected by toddy tappers to provide the base for coconut feni. Feni is sharp and potent, with a strong, distinct aroma and aftertaste. Goan cocktail bars have a variety of feni cocktails available to try or you can try making a ‘Sol de orange’ at home. All you need is a dose of Coconut feni, two measures of orange juice, some lemonade and plenty of ice all mixed together. Firefly next to Benaulim beach has a large selection of feni cocktails to choose from.

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4. Urrak

Also known as feni’s cousin, Urrak is the first distil of feni. Goans have been drinking Urrak since the late 1700s. This seasonal spirit has a short shelf life and is available in the summer. The best Urrak tastes sweet, sour and bitter all at once. The best way to drink it is with lime cordial or lemonade, a splash of soda water and lots of ice. Order seasonal Urrak at Zeebop beachside restaurant in Uttorda.

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5. Licor Armada

Licor Armada has heritage roots dating back to the Portuguese Empire. In Goa, it’s made in small batches, using the original recipe from centuries ago. For something fruity, spicy and with a hint of sophistication, whip up a Grand Armada cocktail that combines one part Grand Marinier with one part Licor Armada and ice. Add orange and lemon juice for a zestier flavour.

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6. DesmondJi Tequila

The DesmondJi line of drinks made in Goa includes an exciting mix of spirits, cocktail mixes and liqueurs including exotic agave spirits. DesmondJi tequila is available in 51% and the stronger 100% strength. Both are quickly gaining popularity in Goa as tequila shots take on a whole new meaning with the intense 100% Agave spirit distilled entirely from the Agave plant. Go for tequila shots at Cocktails and Dreams in Baga.

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7. Cabo Coconut rum

Cabo is the perfect blend of natural coconut extract and white rum to form a sensual drink that is perfect to add to pina coladas or have neat with ice. Nothing quite evokes a Goan holiday like Cabo which makes one think of lazying by a swimming pool or lounging in a beach shack. Try making a Cabola which is a mix of Cabo on crushed ice with cola and a dash of lime.

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8. Voodoo Classic Cream liqueur

This indulgent classic cream liqueur has found its way into cocktail bars across Goa and is creating quite a stir with trendy nightclub crowds. Similar to the famous Irish cream liqueur Bailey’s, Voodoo has a smooth finish that tastes equally good plain on ice, in cocktails or in your hot chocolate for a comfort treat on a cold winter evening. Try making The Voodoo 69 shooter, which consists of 10ml coffee liqueur, 10ml Voodoo classic cream liqueur and 10ml of triple sec. Peppers Gourmet cuisine in Margao has cream liquers on its menu.

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9. Big Banyan Wines

If you’re a wine lover, try to get your hands on a limited edition Shiraz or the Chenin Blanc. The grapes are hand-picked from the vineyards of Nasik valley and Ramnagar and brought to the winery in Goa where delicate flavours are conjured into Big Banyan’s bottled wines. Pair it with your favourite cheese. Black Sheep Bistro in Panjim serves Big Banyan Wines.

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