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Iceland Tourism

Iceland is so charming it looks like it has been pulled straight out of an enchanted fairytale. The island country’s untouched natural treasure chest bursting with frosty volcanoes, mysterious caves, sparkling glaciers and crystal-clear lakes has a magnetic effect on tourists across the globe. Tourism is booming in Iceland along with its popularity. Apart from its inimitable natural beauty, Iceland will enthrall you with its rich art, literature, live music, unique food options and warm, smiling locals. Iceland is perfect for all kinds of travellers – solo travellers seeking serenity or adventure, families seeking activities to add to their hearts and yearly photo albums, and couples looking for dreamy locations offering plenty of opportunities to snuggle. 

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The island is perfect for road trips, camping, hiking, relaxing in hot springs and just gazing at nature (mostly with the jaw dropped). The Nordic island country’s official language is Icelandic but English is widely spoken. Their currency is called Icelandic króna and debit and credit cards are accepted across the country. You could get the currency you are carrying officially exchanged at the airport too. When it comes to public transport, while major cities such as Reykjavík have bus and taxi services, smaller towns generally don’t. So, while planning your trip, make sure you figure out how to reach from one place to another with ease. All in all, Iceland is perfect for those seeking an unconventional vacation that will leave you speechless while you are there and turn you into a jabber box (mostly about your trip) once back.

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Iceland Visa

You will need to obtain Schengen visa for entering Iceland. So, the visa will not be restricted only to Iceland but will give you access to all Schengen countries. In India, The Embassy of Denmark manages visa applications for Iceland. In Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru, the embassy does it through VFS Global. You can download the visa application form the Schengen Visa Info website.

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Things to do in Iceland

You could hunt for the mystic Northern Lights with crossed fingers in a jeep or on a boat from Akureyri or Reykjavík. Another unique experience you can have in Iceland is whale watching from Reykjavik’s old harbour. Adding to the unusual places to visit in Iceland is Black Sand Beach at Vikurbraut and Arbaer Open Air Museum in Reykjavik. You could also gaze at mesmerising scenery while driving through the Golden Circle Route or have a surreal dip in the geothermal wonder Blue Lagoon Iceland.

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Food in Iceland

Icelanders love their meat, sea food and dairy products. The local food there is generally not spicy with vegetables and fruits taking a backseat, thanks to the extreme climate in Iceland. However, potato is omnipresent. Also, coffee and cola are widely consumed. The lamb you will eat here will probably be the best you have ever eaten! If you have an adventurous palate and are craving to try something different, try Minke whale kebabs, sheep’s head, smoked puffin meat or reindeer steak. If you have a sweet tooth, you could try the local pönnukökur or pancake.

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Best time to visit Iceland

If you are craving snow (and loads of it) along with the magical Northern Nights, plan a trip during winters (September onwards). You could also try glacier hiking, skiing, ice-skating and other snow activities. April and May mark the arrival of spring in Iceland. This season is perfect for those who want bearable temperatures, enough sunlight, and want to fish or golf. June to August are the summer months where travellers can enjoy the mid-night sun. This is the perfect time to enjoy the highlands, see puffins, and celebrate one of the many summer festivals.

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