Antalya (AYT) Airport

Antalya (AYT) Airport – Diversity at Its Best

The Antalya is among the most impressive airports in the world. Most of the flights here fly across Europe. This amazing airport is home to a number of international flights. It has many aircrafts that cover a variety of destinations across the world. It is a dependable airport as the flight charges are affordable. The safety measures employed by Antalya (AYT)airport are world-class. Transportation to and from the airport is easy as you can receive services from taxis, and buses that are always available at the airport.


In the year 1996, the construction of Antalya (AYT) airport begun. On 1st April 1998 on, flight services commenced. Within this period of its operation, Antalya (AYT) formed an agreement of partnership. Bayindir H. and Fraport ventured into an agreement in the year 1999 on the operation of the first international terminal. At around 2005, the number of workers employed at this airport was around 2000. In the year 2011, at least 25 million passengers took flight from the Antalya airport. Internationally, the passenger number increased to a population beyond 20 million. Over the years, this airport has been able to come up with a second terminal, which is operated today byCelebi Company.Antalya (AYT)airporttoday operates with airlines that carry around 10 to 25 million passengers.


The Antalya (AYT) airport has a vast range of airlines that fly to different destinations around the world. It has been able to advance its services to the different flights within the years. It covers two terminals for international destinations and one terminal for domestic destinations.   


Within the many years of operation, Antalya (AYT) has gained recognition for the great flight services. This has earned it different awards. These include:

·         The best airport in Europe by Airports Council International (ACI) July, 2011

Routes and destinations

The Antalya (AYT)airport has grown within the years and has airlines that fly to many nations across the world. Antalya airport covers flights for both international and domestic destinations. It covers one domestic terminal and two international terminals. This guarantees its clients the most affective flight services.

Why fly with airline Antalya (AYT)

How to check in

For booking and reservations at the Antalya (AYT), passengers can check in by:

-          Visiting the airport check desk to book for flights and make reservations.

-          The passengers should be at the airport within two hours for domestic flights and three hours for international flights before departure.

-          Present the passport and tickets at the check- in desk.

-          The passenger's luggage heads to the weighing area for checking and is then transported to the plane.

-          The passengers are required to get a card for boarding, including a seat reservation, departure details, and head to security area.

Baggage and allowance

Before a flight takes off, the passengers must take their baggage for checking. There is a limit on carrying baggage depending on the weight and size. Any extra baggage requires an extra fee charge. You can only carry one bag with you for your light. All the other baggage for passengers is carried in a cargo with the flight they are taking. The fixed tags on the baggage necessitate easy identification.    


The seating of the aircrafts defers. International terminals are different from domestic terminals. The seating arrangement has improved with years and this includes:

-          The number of passengers carried with the Boeing 737 sums to 215 for airlines in America, southwest and Ryanair. This Boeing is the oldest model among the others.

-          The mid size Boeing 757 is the biggest single-aisle worldwide and carries at least 3900 passengers. The capacity of the number of passengers in this aircraft is 289.

-          Boeing 777, which is a twinjet, contains 300 seats. Its flight takes destinations at Singapore, Emirates, and United airlines.

-          The 787 is a Boeing designed to reduce the amount of fuel consumption by the aircrafts. It begun operations at around 2012 and contains about 290 passenger’s seats.

Booking fee

It is very easy to book for flights at Antalya (AYT). You do not have to miss a flight due to some inconveniences. Booking for flights at Antalya airport is done from the airport reservation desk. You can also book using the web for seats and reservations. The rates of flights defer depending on the type of flight one wants to board and the route of the flight. Extra charges include for any services offered past booking. As you progress to the airport, it is important to check your departure time and the status of your flight at Antalya AYT. This will allow you to confirm incase of changes in the itinerary. Flying to any part of the country is easy through this airport. The next time you are in the country for business or pleasure, make sure you use this airport.








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Antalya Airport

Hava Liani Basmüdürlügü,
07030 Antalya,

Tel:0242 330 36 48
Fax:0242 444 74 23


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Longitude:30° 47' 26'' E
Latitude:36° 54' 20'' N
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