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Catch incredible Flights from the Perth (PER) Airport

This airport is among the four big airports in Australia. Perth airport is located 12 km from Western Australia. It serves many passengers. The airport helps in providing great air flights from different airlines. This factor has improved travel for passengers from and to different nations.

The flights at the Perth airport cover both international and domestic routes. It is also a gateway for freight and commercial flights. This airport has helped in improving the Australian economy. The role of this airport has been to boost business growth. This has been due to the services offered by several companies.

Perth (PER) airport has two runways and four terminals. This facility provides exclusive services for all aircrafts. The number of routes served by flights at PER airport is beyond 110 destinations. These destinations are spread across different destinations throughout the world.


The airport started operating in 1942. This was during the Second World War. By this time, only a few activities were involved. In 1943, the airport decided to improve its infrastructure. A terminal was constructed.

Many changes were experienced between 1944 and 1962. For the first time, international and domestic terminals were combined. The major airlines covering domestic destinations were combined to operate under one terminal.

Announcement of construction of an international terminal was made in 1980. The building process commenced in 1986. Along with the terminal, a control tower was constructed.

A corporation was made to control the airports is Australia in 1988. Many developments were made by the corporation. Today, the airport serves many destinations in the world. The airport has been able to improve and modernize its services.  


The Perth (PER) airport has a great range of airlines. The airlines serve numerous destinations across the world. This airport has been able to advance its services within the years.  

The number of aircrafts in this airport has improved drastically since its inception. More and more flights continue to call the airport home even to this day. This is in order to provide services to the ever-rising number of passengers. Some of the aircrafts that operate within the airport include the Dream liner Boeing 787-9, Boeing 777-21HR (LR), Airbus A330-300, and Boeing 737-8FE (WL).


The airport has been impressive in its service provision. Because of this, the airport enjoys countless awards under its belt.Perth (PER) airport has been recognized across the world for:

-          The fourth airport with the busiest activities around Australia. It was also recognized among the airports that have fastest passenger population growth.  

Routes and destinations

Perth airport serves many destinations. The flights from the airport cover both domestic and international destinations. The number of airlines that serve international destinations are 19. About 12 airlines serve regional and domestic routes. Domestic destinations include cities in Australia while international destinations include cities outside the continent.

Why take flights at Perth (PER) airport

How to check in

Flights at Perth (PER) airport offers the best services. This ensures that all passengers are comfortable. It is easy to check in at the airport. Check- in for domestic flights is different from that of international flights. Check-in can be done through three methods. Here is some important information regarding check-in:

-          Visit the airport check- in counters for tickets and seat reservations.

-          Check- in three hours before your flight takes over.

-          For domestic flights, passengers should be early by 45 minutes before their flight.

-          Log online and fill booking forms with details of one’s flight needs.

-          Make a call through the phone numbers provided to make any inquires

-          Use of mobile apps or other third parties.

It is very easy to check- in online. This process is fast and simple. It saves you time and money. You do not need to go to the airport. While making reservations, the airport’s rules require you to do it on time. This is because it serves a variety of airlines. Give clear information, including the baggage that you will take for your trip.

Baggage and allowance

The airport has several aircrafts. These aircrafts have different cabin sizes. There is a limit to the luggage in each aircraft. Passengers are required to get clear information from the airlines they are taking. This is because each airline has its limit-carrying luggage. There are available lockers for passengers’ luggage.    


Seating in every aircraft is different. This depends with the class of an aircraft. Business class aircrafts have different seating structure compared to economic class.

The seat size is also different. This applies according to height and width.

Booking fee

Booking at the PER airport is easy. The fares of flights are affordable to any person. If you make early reservations, you may get a discount. Passengers taking long distance flights get discounts.





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Perth Airport

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Western Australia,

Tel:+61 (0)8 94788888
Fax:+61 (0)8 92777537


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Longitude:115° 58' 5'' E
Latitude:31° 55' 54'' S

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