Travel news Tour Singapore and Malaysia in INR35,000 per person for 7 days all-inclusive!

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Tour Singapore and Malaysia in INR35,000 per person for 7 days all-inclusive!

Singapore’s unending entertainment options, diverse kitchen, vibrant vibe and proximity to India have made it one of the most sought after vacation destination for us. The best part? A trip to Singapore and Malaysia does not necessarily have to pinch your wallet. Skyscanner tells you how to have a memorable trip to Singapore and Malaysia in just INR30,000 per person. Read on.

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Perfect for families, couples and even singles, Southeast Asian gems Singapore and Malaysia offer a varied bunch of activities that promise a memorable trip for everyone. Singapore might be one of the most expensive places on the planet, but if planned smartly, a trip to the Lion City need not cost you an arm and a leg. Wondering how? Read on.

Here is the budget break-up of your dream trip to Singapore and Malaysia.

Flights: Around INR20,000

However sad it may sound, flights will eat up a huge chunk of your vacation budget. What can help you here? Planning your trip in advance and using our secret tools to get the cheapest ticket can come to your rescue! To grab the best flight deals, set a Price Alert for your desired price on Skyscanner. Once you have put in the destinations and travel dates, you need to click on the ‘Get Price Alerts’ button and enter your email id. That’s all! We will send you an email each time your chosen flight price changes to show you the increase or decrease. For more tools and tips to hack your flight fare, click here.

Visa: Around INR3,000

You will need two separate visas to visit Singapore and Malaysia as these are two different countries. The good part is that the visa application process is simple, quick and cheap. You will be able to lay your hands on both the visas in under five working days and in close to INR3,000 – around INR2,000 for Singapore and INR1,000 for Malaysia. More details on the application process for Singapore visa here and Malaysia visa here.

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Accommodation: Around INR7,500

Let’s get one thing straight – Singapore is expensive. What you need to do is smartly figure out cheap stay options. To save money on accommodation, we suggest you choose a hostel over a hotel. Singapore has many safe and comfortable hostel options including A Beary Good Hostel, Betel Box and The Little Red Dot. Most of these hostels are located around sightseeing spots and offer basic amenities such as bed, bathroom, breakfast and locker. Hostels are also excellent places to meet fellow travellers and make friends. The rates range from INR1,000 to INR1,500 per night. So, considering you spend around five nights in Singapore, you will end up spending around INR6,000 for stay.

Malaysia is a treasure chest for cheap stay options. Explore hotels away from the city entre in Kuala Lumpur and you will not have to break the bank. Hotels such as Hotel Grand Palace Ampang, One Enigma Hotel and Gombak Star Hotel offer nightly accommodation for around INR700. So if you spend two nights at Malaysia, your stay will cost you only around INR1,500. That’s a steal!

Internal travel: Around INR3,000

When in Singapore, walking is the best way to travel from one point to another. Trust us, it is as good for your pocket as much as it is for your heart. If you are not the type who loves to walk on vacations, try the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) – a network of railways that runs like veins throughout Singapore. It is easy, comfortable and cheap! Fares for an adult range from INR40 to INR100. If you plan to travel by public transport during your stay in Singapore, we suggest you buy the EZ-Link card which will cost you around INR500 and is super convenient to use. More on where to buy the EZ-Link card and how to use it here.

Alternatively, you could rent a bike in Singapore – another healthy and pocket-friendly option. Renting a bike for a day will cost you around INR300. You can also explore bike-sharing platforms such as oBike, Mobike and ofo.

Kuala Lumpur’s public transport system is envious too. Apart from MRT, which costs around INR20-INR100, Malaysia’s capital city also has the Go KL City Bus – a free, eco-friendly city bus service covering four major routes across the city. So, you can reach your favourite tourist spot for! More details on the route and timings here.

Wondering how you will travel from Singapore to Malaysia? Buses are the cheapest options. A comfortable bus will cost you around INR1,000 one way.

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Food – Around INR1,500

While Singapore is home to some of the most lavish restaurants in the world offering succulent dishes and views to die for, you might want to ignore them on your budget trip. Instead, focus on flavoursome, local food that will tantalise your taste buds without pinching your pocket. A delicious, piping hot bowl of Rickshaw noodles will cost you only around INR50 at China Street Rickshaw Noodles while a lip-smacking serving of stir-fried ricecake strips will cost you only around INR100 at Tiong Bahru Char Kway Teow. Drooling already?

So, here is the total expense of your trip:
Flights: INR20,000
Visa: INR3,000
Accommodation: INR7,500
Internal travel: INR3,000
Food: INR1,500
Total: INR35,000

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? You might not be able to shop at expensive malls or sip champagne while gazing at the city’s showstopper skyline in this budget, but you will surely have an unforgettable trip without any stressful financial planning involved.

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Note: Information and data provided on this page is correct as of 7 May 2018.

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