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SpiceJet baggage policy: A detailed guide for flyers

SpiceJet is a low-fare, no-frills airlines based out of the city of Gurgaon. It operates 306 flights everyday over 35 domestic and 6 international destinations. Though based on a low-cost model, the airline also offers premium services under the brand SpiceMax where guests may avail additional benefits at a higher fare.

What is SpiceJet’s baggage policy?

Cabin baggage

According to SpiceJet’s baggage policy, a guest’s hand baggage can consist of one cabin bag weighing a maximum of 7 kgs. This includes laptop and duty free shopping bags. If you are travelling with an infant, another piece of luggage, weighing not more than 7 kgs, is also allowed.

Here are detailed cabin baggage allowances for both domestic and international flights operated by SpiceJet.

Cabin baggage allowance

FlightNo of piecesMaximum weightDimensions
Domestic17 kg108 cm* or 115 cm**
International17 kg108 cm* or 115 cm**

*For Bombardier aircraft; **for Boeing aircraft

SpiceJet’s Hand Baggage Only Fare

Passengers travelling light who choose this fare are allowed only the permissible limit of carry-on baggage and no free check-in baggage allowance. In case of check-in baggage, a fare conversion fee of INR 400 will be charged.

What can I bring on my carry-on baggage on a SpiceJet flight?

In accordance to its carry-on baggage rules, SpiceJet allows each ticket holder to carry one cabin bag weighing not more than 7 kgs. Besides this one cabin bag, other articles allowed as carry-on baggage include items such as a small ladies’ hand bag. If the guest is travelling with an infant, SpiceJet lets you carry one more cabin bag weighing not more than 7 kgs, one stroller and / or baby pram, free of cost. Passengers are also allowed to carry as cabin baggage special assistance items like a fully collapsible wheelchair and / or one pair of crutches and / or braces or any other prosthetic item that they are dependent on. Portable Oxygen Concentrators are allowed in both carry-on as well as in checked-in baggage, free of cost. Liquids, up to a maximum volume of 100ml each, are also allowed in carry-on baggage.

However, guests are not allowed to carry liquids, creams or gels that are more than 100ml in volume as part of their carry-on luggage. Knives, sharp objects, compressed gases, corrosives, dry cell batteries, flammable liquids, poisons, toy ammunition, weapons, electronic devices which cannot be switched off, aerosols, personal motorized vehicles such as hover boards and other items that are considered to be a security hazard are not allowed in the cabin.

Checked-in baggage

Passengers travelling on a SpiceJet flight within India on a domestic flight are allowed to check in 15 kgs of baggage. For passengers flying internationally, the checked-in baggage allowance is between 20 kgs and 30 kgs, depending on the destination you are travelling to.

FlightNo of piecesMaximum weightDimensions
Domestic115 kg158 cm or 62 inch
InternationalNo limit20 or 30 kg* 158 cm or 62 inch

*depending on the destination

For destination wise baggage allowance details, click here.

In case of multiple flights where a SpiceJet domestic flight is connecting to a SpiceJet international flight or vice versa, SpiceJet’s free baggage allowance for the international sector will apply. Where a SpiceJet domestic flight connects to another airline to or from an international destination, the check-in baggage allowance will remain at the 15 kgs limit. However, excess baggage may be purchased for both domestic connections and for international travel.

To know more about rates, terms and conditions for prepaid excess baggage for international flights, click here.

Special baggage / Sports equipment

SpiceJet considers sports equipment, skiing equipment, golf bags, bicycles, surf boards and LCD and LED TVs exceeding 39 inches as special baggage. Special baggage is charged a handling fee which differs for domestic and international flights. For adding special baggage items to checked-in baggage, SpiceJet charges INR 1,000 for domestic flights and INR 2,000 for international flights. These charges are applied over and above any excess baggage charges. Charges for special baggage, when the flight originates outside the country, are charged in the respective currency.

Click here for details.

How can I purchase additional baggage for my flight?

Passengers carrying more weight than the permissible check-in baggage allowance are given the option of purchasing excess baggage. SpiceJet charges INR 400 for each additional kg on its domestic flights. International flights operated by SpiceJet charge for excess baggage according to the destination.

For a detailed list of SpiceJet’s destination wise excess baggage slabs, click here.


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Note: All information is sourced from SpiceJet. All information true as on 7 March 2019.