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12 Top Places That Fit Your Budget Travel in 2019

This year is almost over and if you haven’t booked your tickets for vacation then you probably had to shift your plans to travel to the next year. Well, planning means avoiding the hassle of destinations being unavailable or tickets that cost the sky. Considering that you want to travel, but cannot afford to splurge a lot, here is a list of international destinations you can budget travel to in the new year without breaking the bank.

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Things to remember

  • Flight ticket prices are dynamic and vary considerably based on travel seasons. The tentative flight prices mentioned below are based on a search done on 6th November 2018.
  • To get the benefit of cheaper fares, please plan your holiday and book tickets at least 3 months before departure. You can use Skyscanner’s price alert to stay updated on changing flight prices.

Top 6 Budget Travel Destinations Under 11000

DestinationsBest Time to Visit
MalaysiaNovember, Feb-March for a cool and pleasant climate
ThailandNovember – Early April
Sri LankaDec-March for the western and southern areas, April-Sept for the eastern areas
OmanOctober -April when the weather is pleasant
NepalOctober -November when the sky is clear, trekking is easy and selfie moments galore
United Arab EmiratesDecember – March when weather is not too hot nor humid


Malaysia truly represents parts of Asia that much loved by tourists the world over. From its mesmerising futuristic cities, tall buildings, verdant tropical jungles, incredible theme parks, and a flourishing holidaymaker destination. Malaysia has been one of the favourite destinations for Indians looking to budget travel abroad. A round trip flight ticket costs INR 7003 per person.

Don’t miss: Exploring Kuala Lumpur, cruise to Genting Highlands andvisiting Langkawi, Petronas Towers
Things to do: Trek to Mount Kinabalu, sunbathe in Langkawi, experience the culture in Malacca and taste the wonderful food for sure.

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Whether you love an adrenaline rush, don’t mind trying new food, find yourself fascinated by history, Thailand is home to several exciting, thrilling and unforgettable places to see and things to do. From its stunning coastline to fantastic culture, various budget travel options, this tourist lodestone has plenty of experiences to offer where a week or two may not be enough to know its quirks. A round trip flight ticket costs INR 7557 per person.

Don’t miss: Visit Krabi islands, explore Phuket, Phi Phi and checkout Bangkok’s quirks.
Things to do: Try Chiang Mai’s Gibbon flight, skydiving, try the grilled meat and papaya salad at street food stalls, climb the Sathorn Tower in Bangkok and enjoy a history lesson at Ayutthaya.

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Sri Lanka

Ceylon of the ancient times, Sri Lanka, the island country surprises tourists all the time with its varied culture, stunning landscape, and an un-rushed lifestyle. Not too far from the southern coast of India, this erstwhile Ravana’s abode is home to stunning beaches, plenty of UNESCO World Heritage sites, wildlife safaris, tea plantations and more. A visit to this country is an experience that will help you revitalize, rejoin, and immerse yourself in the warmth the people of Sri Lanka are known for. A round trip flight ticket costs INR 8297 per person.

Don’t miss: Exploring Kandy,visiting Colombo and Nuwara Eliya, Dambulla Cave temple
Things to do: Explore ancient ruins of Sigiriya, check out wildlife at the national park, try tea at the plantation, laze around on the beach or take a walk in the woods

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Top 6 Budget Travel Destinations Under 15000

DestinationsBest time to visit
IndonesiaMay – June, September when weather is dry and sunny.
SingaporeFebruary – April when weather is pleasant
MaldivesNovember -April when weather is cooler than summer
CambodiaNovember – March. Though May -October is cheaper
VietnamFebruary -April, August -April when the temperature is moderate
QatarNovember -Early April when weather is cool, and sightseeing becomes a breeze.


This massive 17000 island country entices travellers from all over the world every year. What makes this country a travel hot spot? Well, it is home to some of the best tropical beaches with clear azure waters, plenty of green all around you, with diverse landscapes and volcanoes adding to its interest factor. From different cultures, flora and fauna, panoramic views up the hilltop, art and food that reflects other cultural influences. A round trip flight ticket costs INR 11288 per person.

Don’t miss: explore Banda islands in Maluku, Pulau Weh nearSumatra, visit Jakarta
Things to do: take a cruise to the Kei Islands, exploring the ancient West Timor village, hiking through the woodlands, surfing breaks on deserted islands and try their street food.

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A country that has quietly risen to the top of the travel bucket list for Indians. From its mesmerising Gardens by the Bay to its quick and efficient public transport, Singapore makes for an unforgettable escape from everyday life. The seamless transition from modern technology to traditional culture in the blink of an eye is alluring, where colonial-era hotels to government offices, plenty of shopping avenues, temple lined neighbourhoods. There is a lot to see and experience in Singapore. A round trip flight ticket costs INR 11426 per person.

Don’t miss: Visiting the Sentosa Island, Chinatown, explore LittleIndia for sure, Jurong Bird Park and Universal Studios.
Things to do: Canoe around the island from Changi point, the Sentosa island and the east coast; visit Buddhist and Hindu temples dotting the country, spend time with locals in Chinatown.

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