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The Best Time to Plan a Visit to Bangkok

Best Time to Visit Bangkok: A seasonal guide to help you pick the best time to holiday in Bangkok. Though a year-round destination, the high season from November to February, the low season from July to October are the best seasons to visit Bangkok. If the hottest months from April to June, September don’t faze you then pack light, explore the beaches and experience the festivals.

Do you fancy a hedonistic, cultural, relaxed and an economic vacay this year? Bangkok is the place to be. Not just the Grand Palace and old city charms, you are treated to an unceasing dissonance of traffic, a labyrinth of crowded markets, dark alleys, and garish neon signs of nightlife -indeed a roué’s fantasy. The best time to visit Bangkok is throughout the year if the heat, humidity, and rains do not faze you.

The weather plays a significant role in your Thailand experience so we at Skyscanner thought we could give you a low down on what you can expect and look forward to experiencing in the next few months.

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The Low Season (July to October)

Rains and low season go hand in hand. The rains last from July to October. Though it doesn’t rain through the day, you can expect a mix of cloudy days followed by intense rainstorms in the afternoon. Fewer crowds, cooler climate, low airfares and cheaper hotel stays, a complete value for money vacay is yours to enjoy. You can still enjoy places in Bangkok easily and if surfing is on your to-do then June to August is the best time to go surf crazy even if you are a beginner. The monsoons are the best season to visit Bangkok for cheaper vacays

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The Shoulder Season (April to June, September)

If a hot climate and rising temperatures don’t faze you, then a visit between April to June -some of the hottest months here should be a breeze. Pack light clothes and book an air-conditioned room and you are all set. September is the month to experience the Moon Festival in Chinatown. Walk into a bakery or the gourmet market and pick anything you like and it is available in different moon-cake flavors.

Enjoy the Moon Festival in Bangkok

Another anticipated festival is the Vegetarian Festival that happens in October when it is cooler and wetter. Street stalls and restaurants across the city put up yellow flags and participate offering everything from sweet cakes to noodle soups. Your reward for braving the heat and the rain, fewer people and the best time to save on room rates and flight tickets.

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Street Stalls selling Food in Bangkok

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The High Season (November to February)

One of the best times to visit Bangkok is from November to February. The late fall and winter usher in cooler and drier weather. The tourist season kicks into high gear what with the Royal Barge Procession around the Grand Palace, the Loy Krathong Festival on 4th November when rivers are full, and the moon shines the brightest, Christmas festivities, Spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations happening right around those months. Isn’t it the best time to visit? Need we say more?

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Of course, the number of travelers flocking to Bangkok surges and so do the rates. To get the best options plan and book your holiday in advance. The Land of Smiles is waiting – Book your flights today!

Best Time to Book Your Flight to Bangkok

We’ve just told you the best time to visit Bangkok, here are a few pointers on booking the cheapest flights. Depending on what you plan and need, at Skyscanner, we are pleased to propose an ideal time to book flights. To get the most reasonable tickets to Bangkok start planning 9 months before or the best time to book is around 5 months before when the prices are comparatively cheaper.

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