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Visa Friendly Countries In Africa For Indians

Flaunt your Indian Passport and see the best of Africa.

Do you plan to visit Africa* for your next vacation but are put off by the gruelling visa procedures? Do not fret, for there is a plethora of African countries that grant Indians a visa. Most of these happen to be as luring as you might have ever imagined. Here are a few visa-friendly African countries that you may well consider travelling to, when you plan a relaxing vacation.

Top Visa-Friendly Countries in Africa for Indian Citizens

  1. Egypt: The very utterance of the name evokes images of gargantuan pyramids, the Colossi of Thebes and the Sphinx. From crawling through the pyramidal caves at Saqqara in Cairo to entering the zone of sepulchres at the Valley of Kings, Egypt is a cauldron of magnificence. The Camel Market at Birqash is the perfect treat to your visual senses while the Temples of Abu Simbel bedazzle you with the architecture. On arrival in Egypt, the visa can be obtained if you fly into the airports of Saint Catherine, Sharm El Sheikh and Taba. Or even if you have reserved one of the bewitching Sinai resorts. Once here, you can enjoy the breath-taking sunset from Mount Sinai- the Biblical mountain, visit the spectacular Tiran island or marvel at Saint Catherine’s monastery. To visit any other part of the country, you will need to have a visa prior to landing. Apply online at the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Mumbai or Delhi.

Please note: Egypt is experiencing political unrest and we suggest you do check with the embassy before planning your vacation.

  1. Seychelles: A pristinely pure paradise in the lap of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is a group of 115 stunning islands with white sandy beaches. No doubt, the beautiful Bird of Paradise can be found only at this spot. Seychelles offers nature lovers and adventure aficionados opportunities galore. Go snorkelling along the blue waters at the Anse Major Island or even bird watching among the luxuriant greens of Aride Island, La Digue and Praslin. Catch up with the magpie robin at the Fregate Island or go Marlin fishing off Denis. Bask in the beauty of the setting sun at Beau Vallon or take a wall along the capital city Victoria. Getting to Seychelles is a hassle-free procedure since you do not need to fulfil any complicated visa procedure at all.

  1. Mozambique: A country that has an interesting mix of population, Mozambique is lovely with its rugged terrains in its north and its expansive stretches of coastlines in the east. While the former area is a favourite destination for hikers, the latter parts are perfect zones for water buffs. The Ponto do Ouro and the Bazaruto Archipelago offer plethora of opportunities for scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming besides game fishing. Watching the elephants at the Maputa Special Reserve or admiring the turquoise blue Bilene Lagoon from the Turtle Cliff Tail can leave behind indelible memories. To experience Mozambique’s picturesque coral reefs head to Pemba, a sprightly town nestled along a bay. Once in Pemba, you can perk up your party mood at any of the bars. All said, the best part is that, you can fly to Mozambique and obtain a visa on arrival for a period of 30 days.

  1. Mauritius: It is rightly referred to as the “Island in the Sun.” Truly, Mauritius presents itself as a heavenly abode of sun, sea and sand. Indians desiring an adrenaline rush can indulge in some of the most exhilarating water sports while the shimmering pearly beaches are welcoming places for a casual walk. The village of Charamel that charms you with its earthy colours along a volcanic surface. The La Cuvette Beach is a perfect honeymooner’s haunt veiled from the bustling urban culture. Le Morne is no less fascinating, being tucked along the rugged mountainous part of Mauritius. Whether you are a gastronome or a picky eater, you cannot miss out on the street food at Mauritius. The cuisine is a perfect blend of spices from African, Creole and Chinese soil and yes, you may find zesty Indian flavours too. The Grand Bassin houses a crater lake and is home to a 108 feet high statue of Lord Shiva. This marks the gateway to a number of other temples that turn into lively sights during festivals. If you have planned a trip to Mauritius, you can stay at this luxuriant island country for as many as 90 days without having a visa at all.

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  1. Kenya: As with a few of the countries mentioned above, Kenya allows you to get your visa on arrival by shelling out a few thousand rupees. The money spent is worth every moment you stay in this African hub. Masai Mara will definitely top your itinerary plans while in Kenya. The Reserve which is an extended northern limb of the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania, thrills animal lovers. The dhows along the Old Harbour and the Swahili culture of Mombasa could make you want to settle down at Kenya. The Sheldrick Elephant orphanage is a heart-warming place to be in as you get to watch orphaned elephants in all gaiety. Mountain climbers can get high, while going up the Mount Longonot and Mount Kenya. The former is an extinct volcano and the latter the second highest peak of the country. Remember the Great Rift Valley that you might have last come across in your geography books? Take the road connecting between Naivasha and Nairobi to glimpse the escarpment towering at 6560 feet height.

While most visa procedures seem daunting, the ease of obtaining a visa at these nations, make you stress free. Do check out our piece on Visa Friendly South East Asian Countries For Indian Travellers too.

Note: Visa policies are subject to change from time to time. Please contact relevant embassies for updated information.

At the time of writing this article, an advisory on travel to West Africa has been released. This is on account of the Ebola being declared a ‘health emergency.’