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If you are someone who believes choosing your vacation destination involves a lot more than using a dart and a globe, welcome to the club of millions of happy Skyscanner users across the world. We help you carefully select a destination that will excite everyone in your family equally and fit your holiday budget as well. Our interactive and extremely resourceful map tool will assist you through your hunt to find the ideal destination with cheap flight fares and give you an option to view multiple flight route maps. This tool gives you access to flight prices for local as well as international destinations with customisable search options and a use-friendly interface. What’s not to love?

Features of Flight Route Map:

  • Flight prices for all the destinations (domestic and international) in a map view with single click
  • Price filter to see the destinations fitting your budget. Be surprised to see one of your dream destinations with an unimaginable low flight price

How to use Skyscanner’s Maps tool?

To start using this tool, click on ‘Map’ at the top right of Skyscanner India’s website.

Once you do that, the tool will automatically pick up your default departing location (of course you can change it if you wish to!) and treat you with a visually-appealing interactive image with various flight route map options marked in green or red along with many flight prices. The destinations marked in green indicate locations accessible by direct flights and those in red indicate indirect flight access.

If you want to view flight rates for those destinations which have only a dot next to their names, all you need to do is hover your cursor around the name and voila! The flight rates will be displayed.

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Once you select a particular destination and click on it, you will be able to alter the number of days you plan to travel and select a departure date with the help of a day-to-day chart of prices. Plus, you will be able to filter out only direct flights and get tips on the cheapest days to fly on!

The Price Feature

Now that we have explained how you can choose your next vacation destination based on the flight route map that suits you the most, let us come to the best feature of the map tool – the price range. While using this tool, you can select the price range of one return ticket and see your destination options based on that. For example, if you do not intend to spend over INR16,000 per person on the flight ticket, you can select that number on the map tool and see the vacation destination options that fit that budget.

So, in INR16,000 you can travel to Kathmandu or Bangkok, apart from a number of local destinations, in December! A cool way to find your ideal vacation spot, isn’t it?

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Once you decide the number of days, all you need to do is click on the green button which will take you to the flight options page.

While using this tool, you need to remember that the prices displayed are the estimated lowest prices recorded in the last two weeks. So, keying in all your details is necessary to see the exact live prices.

Skyscanner’s map tool also comes handy when you are already at a destination away from home and are planning to make a short trip from there. For example, if you are vacationing in Bali and want to explore your possible weekend trips around, all you need to do on the map tool is set your departing destination as Bali and the rest will fall in place.

So, all in all, the map tool is super convenient and beneficial while planning a vacation. You could be anyone – a family looking to make special memories, a couple searching for a romantic location or a solo traveller waiting to bump into adventure – this tool, with its flight route displays, price averages and impressive user interface, will be your favourite holiday planning assistant in a blink.


Oh, and don’t forget to use Skyscanner’s other convenient tools such as Month View and Price Alerts. With our ‘Cheapest Month’ feature, you will be able to access a particular date in your desired travel month when the airfare is the cheapest. You just need to type in the departure and arrival points and instead of filling in specific dates, select the ‘Cheapest Month’ option. Once you hit the Search flights button, you will be able to access the air fares for the entire month in calendar or chart format. While using price alerts, all you need to do after you have keyed in the exact airports and travel dates on the Skyscanner website or app, is to click on the ‘Get Price Alerts’ button and enter your email id. You will receive an email each time the price of your chosen flight increases or decreases. Isn’t it an amazing way to tackle the ever-changing flight prices?

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