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Best time to book: how to get the best deal on flights

Domestic and international flight prices change so often, it's hard for even the most savvy traveller to tell if they're getting the best deal on flights. We're here to let you into a big secret...there isn't a magic formula! Sadly, the truth about getting a good deal on flights is, flight prices change all the time. BUT...Skyscanner is here to help! We've analysed two years worth of flight prices to find out when is the best time to book flights to your favourite destinations from India!

We asked 1000 Indian Travellers if they knew the best time to book flights from India and a staggering 72% confessed they don’t know when is the best time to book flights to get the cheapest deals! And, 69% incorrectly guessed the best air fares can be found less than 12 weeks before departure, when in fact the best deals are found when you book in advance.

Traveller’s eyeing up Bali for their summer trip can save up to 51% on flight tickets by booking 25 weeks in advance or risk paying 27% more than the average fare when they leave booking to the last minute.

The same trend appears for air fares to Indian traveller’s favourite summer destinations, traveller’s looking to vacation in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok can grab flights for 35% and 33% less than the average fare, respectively, when booking 24 weeks prior to departure.

Use the table below to find out how much you could save on flights to some of Indian travellers’ favourite destinations:

Destination Weeks in advance Savings
Bali 25 weeks
Save 51%
Bangalore 22 weeks
Save 44%
Bangkok 22 weeks
Save 44%
Dubai 14 or 19 weeks
Save 22%
Goa 24 weeks
Save 32%
Hong Kong 18 weeks
Save 21%
Kuala Lumpur 24 weeks
Save 35%
London 24 weeks
Save 22%
Mumbai 22 weeks
Save 41%
New Delhi 23 weeks
Save 60%
New York 24 weeks
Save 18%
Paris 22 weeks
Save 20%
San Francisco 22 weeks
Save 13%
Singapore 24 weeks
Save 20%
Srinagar 16 weeks
Save 47%

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_This article is based on flight search data from India travellers between 1st January 2015 – 31st December 2016_