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Travel news inspiration Take a 7-day all-inclusive trip to Bali for INR35,000 per person

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Take a 7-day all-inclusive trip to Bali for INR35,000 per person

Bali trips have become synonymous to budget trips for Indians. Skyscanner has created a short guide just for you to plan a fabulous trip to Bali without hurting your bank balance. Read on to find out how.

Want to be treated like royalty without exceeding your vacation budget? Bali must be on your travel bucket-list. This gorgeous island has diverse stay and activity options to suit each budget. We tell you how to take a dreamy trip to Bali in just INR35,000 per head for 7 days!

Travellers visit Bali for varied reasons. Some hope to lose themselves in its unending emerald-coloured expanses, some wish to find themselves in its auburn sunsets while the others want to peek into the vibrant kaleidoscope of culture, art and architecture that the island offers. However, whichever reason they choose to visit this alluring place for, they all hope to make a trip that will make their hearts richer without really making their pockets lighter. Wish to have your share of Bali without exceeding your modest vacation budget? Don’t worry, we have got all the information you will need right here. Start planning now!

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Here is the budget break-up of your unforgettable trip to Bali:

Flights: Around INR22,000

There are many flight carriers connecting Bali to the major Indian cities such as Mumbai, Bangaluru and New Delhi. Your flight options range from one-halt, two-halts and the recently launched direct flight from Mumbai to Bali operated by Garuda Indonesia. The rule to get the cheapest air fare still remains planning your trip early and booking your flights at least around two to three months before the departure date. To ensure you lay your hands on the lowest air fare, make sure you use our secret tools  and set a Price Alert on Skyscanner.

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Visa: Free

The best part about your trip to Bali, of course aside from the sugary beaches and age-old temples, is that there are no visa processing fees and processes involved. This means, Bali welcomes Indian passport holders with open arms. All you need to make sure is that your passport is valid for six months at least and has space for stamping. This visa on arrival is valid only for 30 days.

Accommodation: Around INR6,000

Searching a great accommodation in Bali is a delight for travellers as the island spoils them for choices. Select from cosy homestays, ideally located budget hotels, convenient hostels and luxurious resorts. The best part? There is something to suit every pocket. On an average, you can get a decent, conveniently-located apartment (with a shared pool and breakfast, if you’re lucky!) in Bali for around INR800-INR1,000 per night. Make sure you focus on areas just a short walk away from the centre to avoid the higher central fares and save on the travelling bit too.

Internal travel: Around INR4,000

Bali offers a vast range of transport options to choose from – bemos, taxis, bicycles, motorcycles and cars. However, taxi drivers in Bali are infamous for duping tourists, with the help of their two major weapons – faulty meters and the super confusing currency (thanks to all the 0s!). So, it is the best to wait till you find a Blue Bird taxi (watch out for fakes) as they are the most honest of the lot. Generally, the fares start at IDR5,000 (around INR25), and then IDR2,500 for every added kilometer. However, if you intent to stay in Ubud, be warned that you will not find any taxis there.

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In case you are planning to rent out a bike, like many other tourists, make sure you are armed with a maps app on your phone and ready to face Bali’s notorious roads. A daily bike rental should cost you around IDR60,000 (around INR300) or less if you bargain well. The most eco-friendly and healthy way to travel in Bali is on a rented bicycle that will cost you around IDR25,000 (around INR125) for a day. If you want to completely save on the travel bit and plan to hitchhike, be aware that this is rather uncommon in Bali and is often considered unsafe.

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Food: Around INR3,000

Bali is a heaven for food lovers. From tiny warungs (restaurants) serving piping hot local dishes to fancy cafes with unmatchable views, this island has it all. But to avoid the infamous Bali Belly, we suggest you eat at clean restaurants, avoid pre-cut raw fruits and don’t skimp on your food bills. Simple but delicious dishes such as nasi goreng and gado-gado are found in abundant across Bali. A main at a decent restaurant will set you back by around IDR45,000 (around INR200). A pint of local beet costs around IDR20,000 (INR100). Vegetarians might have to struggle a bit for options in some areas but should mostly be fine.

Other information:

Bali is a treasure chest of fun things to do. From exploring the exciting Bali swings to visiting rice plantations and from relaxing on the beach to scuba diving to view shipwrecks, there is plenty to do on this beautiful island. Decide on the activities you want to do keeping in mind your interests and budget. All the help you will need will be available at the various ‘Tourist Information’ centres scattered across Bali. Make sure you bargain before agreeing on a price.

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So, here is the total expense of your trip:

Flights: INR22,000

Visa: Free

Accommodation: INR6,000

Internal travel: INR4,000

Food: INR3,000

Total: INR35,000

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Excited? Don’t start packing your bags yet. Take a look at these five things you have to include in your Bali itinerary. Also, here is our quick guide to everything you need to know about your Bali trip.

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