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Flight coupons today

Booking a flight ticket without a flight coupon? In today’s flight booking market where the keywords are low, lower and lowest, not using a flight coupon amounts to sacrilege! All the offers and schemes aside, nothing trumps a simple old-fashioned cash discount. That’s why flight coupons are so popular on the booking horizon today – no fine print, nothing to read between the lines – only the ‘spend and you shall save’ mantra.

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How do flight coupons work?

It’s quite simple really. Availing a flight coupon usually involves downloading a particular app to your phone or visiting a certain site to make your flight booking. There are no other riders – all you need to do is punch in the code provided and you get an immediate discount. The discount is either in the form of a deduction from your total billed amount or it is offered as an amount that is credited to your wallet. This cashback amount can then be used for a subsequent booking.

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Read on for flight coupons that you can avail today and save big!

Flight Coupons for This Month

Skyscanner has tied up with a number of aggregator sites to offer you great deals on ticket booking. Here is all what is up for grabs today – the coupon codes and the time period validity followed by a simple explanation of what each coupon is offering.

MakeMyTripMMTSKYSCANNERLimited period offer, no restrictions on travel dates
CleartripCTSKYSCANNER31 December 2019
Cheap Flights to all the Destinations

The Skyscanner – MakeMyTrip flight coupon offer

Skyscanner’s tie-up with MakeMyTrip offers up to INR 15,000 off on international flights originating in India to all destinations, with no restrictions on travel dates. This limited period offer comes with no minimum booking amount and is applicable on all banks. The MMT website details the amounts of the flat instant discount it is offering on ticket value, both for travel after two days and travel within the next two days.

The only condition is that your flight booking be made through the MakeMyTrip website or MakeMyTrip app. Not too much to ask for, eh?

For detailed terms and conditions, visit the MakeMyTrip website here.

The Skyscanner – Cleartrip flight coupon offer

Skyscanner and Cleartrip have come up with quite a profitable arrangement for domestic fliers within India. This particular tie-up offers up to INR 3,000 cashback on domestic flight bookings. Depending on your transaction value and whether you are an existing or new customer, you get an instant cashback or a wallet cashback. The instant cashback, as the term implies, is deducted immediately from the total payable amount. The wallet cashback is credited to your Cleartrip wallet within 24 hours, and can then be used for subsequent bookings.

This offer, valid till the end of the year, applies if you make your booking through the Cleartrip website or the downloaded app only.

For detailed terms and conditions, visit the Cleartrip website here.

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Now that you know all about the available coupons today and how to use them, go ahead and book that trip! Book flightshotel or rent a car with Skyscanner today. You can do all of these on our mobile app too.