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A ready Guide to Indigo Airlines Web Check-In

Just booking a flight doesn’t mean your travel plans are over. You still must reach the airport, queue up to get checked-in, finish your security check and then wait to board. Whew! So many things just to catch a flight and reach your destination. What if you can get rid of one particularly crucial step? Exactly! That’s where web check-in comes into play.

Looking for more info to make this flight smooth sailing? If you are looking to save time or avoid long queues, and make sure you can get a seat of your choice then use the Indigo airlines web check-in facility.

Check out Skyscanner’s web check-in guide, to make your trip stress-free. What’s more, this ready guide offers hacks and handy tips to help regular flyers and experienced holidaymakers.

Indigo Airlines Web Check-In

You can now use web check-in any time up to 1 hour before your scheduled departure of your domestic flight for Free. You must enter your booking reference number, and your email address or last name as on the ticket. Make sure you carry a print of your boarding pass and check your luggage at the right drop counter. To use the Indigo airlines web check-in, click here

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Who can use the web check-in facility?

• Travellers with a confirmed IndiGo booking reference or PNR
• Not more than 9 travellers for each PNR with not more than 4 customer segments satisfying the check-in window conditions

Reservations where Indigo airline does not allow web check-in

• Booking for a group of more than 9 travellers on one booking reference number
• Any flight bookings with special service requests such as wheelchair aid, other than meal choice.

When to use web check-in

This facility is available 48 up to 2 hours before your planned departure. Most often the airline sends you a message confirming availability of the check-in on your registered mobile number. To start your the process, log on to Indigo airlines website and follow the guidelines mentioned.

How to use Indigo airlines web check-in?

• Log on to Indigo airlines website
• Click on Manage Booking and then web check-in under it.
• Once there enter your booking reference or PNR number, the email address or last name used while booking the ticket.
• Click on Check-in
• Select the seat you prefer and buy your meal if required.
• Confirm once done
• Take a print of the boarding pass or download on the app.
• Carry your boarding pass with you

Can you check baggage using web check-in?

No, you cannot check-in baggage using the web check-in. Indigo passengers can carry one piece of luggage only that is not more than 7 kgs. Check for Indigo luggage restrictions here

Benefits of web check-in

Other than the obvious benefit of saving loads of time; you can check-in online from the comfort of your office or home. Doing so confirms your seat on the flight booked and the airline cannot bump you off the flight if full. With web check-in, you can directly go over to security check and then onto boarding. You can choose a seat of your choice whether it is a bigger seat, more leg room, or the kind of meal you want.  However, if you haven’t checked in on the web then be ready to reach the airport before time so you can complete all the checks in time.

Priority Check-in options

Indigo offers priority check-in and priority baggage service to its passenger with a service called Fast Forward. This service is chargeable and Indigo charges INR 450 per person for one sector if it is a domestic flight. For international flights, it is INR 650. This service is voluntary and not mandatory.

You can also avail other paid services like 6E Prime that offers a seat of your choice, the Indi Combo service as well as the Fast Forward service at INR 799. 6E Flex at INR 999 allows unlimited changes to your booking and doesn’t charge a cancellation fee. To know more check add-on services from Indigo.

Other check-in methods on Indigo airlines

Check-in Kiosk

Using the online check-in or mobile app is the easiest way to check-in for your Indigo flight. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android mobiles. If you still haven’t checked-in, then the counters at the airport it is.

Things to know if you plan to use Indigo airlines web check-in

• Travellers with babies, those requiring wheelchairs, and minors travelling alone must check in at the airport counters for Indigo. They cannot use web check-in.
• You can use web check-in 48 to 1 hour before the flight departure time and not before.
• You cannot cancel or change your booking after web check-in. Indigo airline does not offer refunds or issue credit notes.
• The boarding gates close half an hour before the flight leaves. Make sure you arrive at least an hour before departure to complete security checks and board on time.
• Carry valid identifications with you

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