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MakeMyTrip Flights Booking through Skyscanner

MakeMyTrip, with its ample flight options, multiple easy and secure payment gateways, and convenient booking management options, is your perfect partner to find cheap flight deals for your next trip.

MakeMyTrip flights

Skyscanner’s search platform displays numerous MakeMyTrip flights you can book through the latter’s website or app. Apart from these unending flight options, Skyscanner ties up with MakeMyTrip to offer some hard-to-resist flight deals to its users. Currently, Skyscanner users can grab offers up to INR15,000 off on international flights starting from India to all destinations, with no restrictions on travel dates. The only condition? You must make your flight booking through the MakeMyTrip website or MakeMyTrip app. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

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How to book and confirm your flight tickets with MakeMyTrip?

As most of our users know, Skyscanner does not process your payments and bookings once you select a flight on our website or app. We only empower our user to compare flight fares across the Internet and decide which one suits them best. Once you hit the green ‘Select’ button, we transfer you to the airline’s or travel agent’s website where your payment is processed. Just like that, when you select a flight from MakeMyTrip on Skyscanner, we will take you to the former’s website from where the actual booking will take place.

For example, if you wish to travel from Mumbai to Dubai and key in your dates on the Skyscanner website, you will be able to see flight options starting with the cheapest. Once you select your desired flight, Skyscanner shows you multiple booking options with travel website and the official websites of various airlines.

For selected routes, you will see MakeMyTrip offering tempting flight prices along with a coupon to get discounts! Need any other reason to take that vacation right away?

Once you click on the green Select button, you will be taken to MakeMyTrip’s website to complete your booking.

After booking your tickets, you will get an email confirmation with your ticket details and then you’re done. It’s as easy as that!

How to manage your bookings on MakeMyTrip?

Once you have booked your flights on MakeMyTrip, you can manage them by clicking on My Trips under your personal profile. Here you can see your booking details, print e-tickets, modify your booking, cancel your booking, check your refund status and much more. You can also view the details of your completed trips here.

How does Skyscanner rate its partners?

So, the truth is, we do not rate our partners – our users do! The star ratings that appear next to the name of any travel platform on Skyscanner’s webpage while selecting the flights are provided by our users who have used those platforms in the past. So, the reviews are authentic and 100% reliable. Once you use MakeMytrip, or any other travel services provider through Skyscanner, you can give your valuable and honest feedback too for future users to access. This rating will be displayed on Skyscanner and help us understand your booking experience with MakeMyTrip.


How do I find cheap flights on Skyscanner?

  • Let us suggest a budget destination that will impress everyone in the family

If your vacation destination is not fixed and you are open to suggestions, check out our Everywhere search feature. On Skyscanner homepage, key in your departure location and the month of travel. After that, under the ‘To’ section, select ‘Can’t decide where? Click here to search Everywhere’ and you will see multiple local and international destinations to choose from!

  • Allow us to find the cheapest day to travel

Finalising a destination is only half the battle won; booking the cheapest price is the other half. Our ‘Cheapest month’ tool will help you pick a date when the airfare to your desired destination is the cheapest. Once you fill in the desired departure and arrival points, instead of filling in specific dates, select the ‘Cheapest month’ option. Once you hit the Search flights option, you will be able to see the air fares for the entire month in calendar or chart format. Try the Cheapest Month tool here.

  • Rely on us to select the best day to book your flights

With the ever-volatile flight prices, it can be quite difficult to catch them at the cheapest. That’s where Skyscanner comes to rescue!  With our ‘Price Alerts’ feature, you will know exactly when the prices of your desired flights fall so you can book them right away. All you need to do is key in the exact airports and travel dates and click on the ‘Get Price Alerts’ button before entering your email id. That’s all! We will send you an email each time your chosen flight price changes.

What about the Skyscanner app?

If you want to plan your vacation on the go, our user-friendly, 3-in-1 travel app is at your service. This intuitive app will ensure your vacation booking process is smooth and the prices you pay are the lowest. You can download the app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.