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Budapest (BUD) airport is an excellent flight stop over. It provides excellent facilities to passengers. The aircrafts here are comfortable and suitable for any traveler. This airport allows its clients to enjoy the services through supporting local events and other programs. Budapest (BUD) airport also supports people by offering them employment. You only need to book for a flight with the Budapest (BUD) airport and explore the greatness of the services on offer. Do not be left out while others are enjoying. Getting a flight at BUD airport is the best option for you. The charges are affordable, the staff more than friendly and the flights stylish. For sure, you will not regret using this airport to access various areas in the country. The staff here is more than friendly and always ready to assist you in the best way possible. There is no doubt about that. That is for sure.


Sporting activities informed the decision to construct this airport. Construction took place between the year 1939 and 1944. The construction activities were delayed for some time due to war within the country. In the year 1947, the civil aviation activities gave the airport the go ahead to commence its operations. Despite the several challenges experienced in the construction of Budapest airport, construction eventually was a success. Operation of flights begun at around May 7th, 1950 where flights from foreign countries operated. A flight known as Malev’s took off from Budapest (BUD) airport as the first regular aircraft. Around, 1960, the number of flights landing in Budapest airport totaled to 17,133. The population of passengers also increased with a great number. In 2005, the airport was privatized. The airport has been able to advance its activities and management with years. Many development made have improved the airports’ operations. The Budapest airport has been constructed using modern and advanced technology. Management has also been able to expand the airport to accommodate more passengers.


The Budapest (BUD) airport has a great range of airlines. This is because its services have advanced within the years of operation. The fleet has recently improved. For instance, the airport hosts several Boeings to allow a great number of passenger accommodations. The improvement objectives include providing comfortable seats and baggage allowance. The number of locations covered by this airport is over 30 worldwide.  


With several years in operation, excellent services provided by Budapest (BUD) airport have earned it recognition from all over the world. These awards include:

-          Award for top three airports in Europe around 2012 in the prestigious World Routes Awards.

Routes and destinations

The growth of Budapest (BUD) airport in years and great operational services has attracted many flights from different parts of the world. This airport has been able to serve customers worldwide. The Budapest (BUD) airline covers locations beyond 30 locations across the world.

Why fly with airline Budapest (BUD)

How to check- in

You are required to meet several objectives before boarding flights at the Budapest (BUD) airport. You do not need discomforts on your journey. One can check- in by:

-          Logging online and fill a form for booking and reservations.

-          Check- in two hours before the flight takes off.

-          Present your identification card or passport at the reservation desk.

-          The passenger's baggage should meet the weight requirements depending with each flight. Baggage check- in takes place at the counter.

-          While making reservations, ensure you include all the items you will carry along.

Baggage and allowance

In terms of luggage, there are limits required depending with the aircraft you are taking. Passengers are allowed to carry a handbag depending on the items they are transporting; it should be at least 115cm. Baggage that is in excess charges an extra fee depending on the destination and distance. All the luggages are transported through a carrier from the airline one is taking.   


The aircrafts are designed differently; the seating structure varies depending on each airline. Different aircrafts have different standards of seats. If you really need to travel comfortably, it is important to make early seat reservations. You are bound to get a priority if you make early reservations. The Boeing B777F was recognized as the most advanced and first Boeing aircraft.  

Booking fee

The booking process is simple and easy as you can receive help from the airport attendants. Charges on booking depends with the airline you are taking and its destination. The fee is affordable to any passenger and so you do not need to worry. Booking is simply through the counters for passenger reservations. Any information about the Budapest (BUD) airport flights can be made through online reservations. This will help them know numbers for their booked flights. Before boarding any flight, passengers should get clear details on aircrafts departures.







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Budapest Airport

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Longitude:19° 13' 59'' E
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