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Welcome to Tokyo! A city that prides itself for persistent renewal and reinvention, a city that never gets old. Come see the world’s tallest tower – Tokyo Skytree, supreme mega-malls and edgy designer boutiques. A multiethnic dining scene, efficient and swift public transportation, more bars and cafes than you could visit in a lifetime and luscious, green parks, Tokyo has everything you can ever imagine. Really, what's not to love about this city?

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With Tokyo being an enormous metropolis and comprising 20 district wards, choosing the best area to stay here can be a little overwhelming. There are many hotels available for every budget across Tokyo. Skycanner presents the more popular tourist hubs, all located approximately within a 50-minute drive from the Narita International Airport, Tokyo.

Shinjuku in Tokyo

Shinjuku is as much the corporate hub of Tokyo as a traveller’s delight. Among the most popular nightlife spots are located here, along with an abundance of shops. Amidst all the bustle, you can find peace in the Shinjuku-Gyoen garden. You can also visit the Sword Museum if you are interested, and just a little further are the two main shopping lanes. Costs in hotels in this area vary from INR 4,200 / USD 65 to about INR 22,000 / USD 350.

Roppongi in Tokyo

If you want to party with people from all over the world, you should plan to stay in Roppongi. Though it’s a business centre by day, this area comes to life during the nights. You will get dazzled by the neon lights all over and the beats of different genres of music blaring from the pubs and bars that throng this area. Roppongi Hills is a city by itself that you must not miss. It’s got public squares and shopping centres along with a movie hall. Hotels in this area cost about INR 4300 / USD 66 and can go up to INR 24000 / USD 375 per night.

Things to do in Tokyo

With more than 1.2 million people to entertain, Tokyo has a lot to offer. When here, visit the Tokyo National Museum and the National Museum of Nature and Science. After shopping at Tsukiji Market and Ginza, head to the Tokyo Tower for a breathtaking, bird’s-eye view of the city. For the history buffs, the the Imperial Palace and the Edo-Tokyo Museum are a must-visit. Your trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting Tokyo’s temples like Sensoji Temple and Meiji Shrine.

Transport in Tokyo

The most convenient way of travelling in and around Tokyo is by metro or train. The metro system is efficient, reasonable, clean and easy. Vending machines sell tickets at the stations starting from ₹ 262 for the shortest distance. Children aged between 6 to 7 years of age pay half the fare and for children below 5 years, it’s free. Taxis are terribly expensive in Tokyo. Fares start at ₹ 1163 for the first 2 km and increase ₹ 54.9 for each additional 288 meter or 40 seconds of waiting time.

Best Spa/ Massages in Tokyo

Discovering Tokyo can be both interesting and tiresome. So take some time to unwind and revitalize at the various spas and massage parlours nestled within the city. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Aman Spa, The Ritz-Carlton Spa and Mars the Salon are few good options.

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Note: Information and data provided on this page is correct as of May 21st, 2016