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A Trip to Japan

Located in the Pacific Ocean, the archipelago of Japan presents an intriguing mixture of ancient traditions and a futuristic society. Out of the 6000 plus islands that make up this nation, only a few are habitable. The relative isolation of Japan adds to the fascination it holds for globe trotters.

Airlines flying from India to Japan are ANA, Japan Airlines, Air India. Other airlines flying to Japan are Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Dragonair, Cathay Pacific, Air China, Air Asia, Emirates, China Airlines, United, Jet Airways, Air France, Air Asia X, Etihad Airways, China Southern, Aeroflot, Asiana Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Finnair, Korean Air, Sri Lankan Airlines, Swiss, China Eastern, Scoot, Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa, KLM, Shandong Airlines, Qatar Airways, Bangkok Airways, Air Canada.

How to find cheap flights to Japan?

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Which city is cheap to fly to in Japan?

In order to find the cheapest city to fly to in Japan, refer to the countries section on Skyscanner home page and select ‘Japan’. You will be shown a list of all the cities in Japan along with the air fares to those places.

Domestic travel between cities

Japan has one of the world’s most sophisticated transport systems. Trains are the most popular way to get around the country. The rail system is quite extensive and covers almost every corner of the country.

  • There are online services that allow you to plan long and complex train routes before heading out to purchase tickets.
  • Travelling around Japan is expensive with an average train ticket rate being more than INR 12000/ USD 200.The Japan Rail Pass offers the best solution for tourists who intent on doing a lot of travel by train. The Seishun 18 Ticket is yet another cheap means of travel in Japan; with this ticket, you can enjoy unlimited travel for 5 days which need not be consecutive.
  • Despite train travel being so popular in the country, the most practical way to reach the outlying islands of Japan is by plane. Long distance highway buses are another means by which Japanese cities are interconnected.

Things to do in Japan

Japan is a fascinating country that has successfully combined its ancient traditions with rapid urbanisation. With Tokyo to play host to the 2020 Summer Olympics, visitors are sure to flock to this island nation. The must-visit places in Japan include Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Mount Fuji, Imperial Palace, Osaka etc. Do not miss out on the traditional Japanese cuisine which includes deep fried tempura, Yakitori, sushi, Gyoza, ramen, sukiyaki, oden, miso soup and rice wine sake. Indulge in a shopping spree at the fascinating shopping districts of Japan and take home interesting souvenirs. To know more about the best places to visit in Japan for a short trip, refer to this Skyscanner article.

Before you fly to Japan

Visa for Indians flying to Japan

In order to apply for a visa to Japan, Indians need to have a valid passport and supporting documents. For further information, check out the official website of the Embassy of Japan in India.

Best time to visit Japan

The best time to visit Japan is during late spring, from March to May and in late autumn, from September to November. This is the perfect time to view the beautiful cherry blossoms of spring and enjoy the visually appealing colours of autumn.

Time and weather difference between India and Japan

Japan has six main climatic zones spread across its various islands. The country experiences humid subtropical climate, humid continental climate, snowfall as well as seasonal winds. Japanese time is 3 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Indian time zone.

Currency and exchange rates between India and Japan

The Japanese currency is known as Yen. 1 Indian Rupee equals 1.55 Japanese Yen. Most of the transactions are done in cash, although credit cards are accepted at most major hotels.

Culture and important information to know before you fly to Japan

Japanese culture sets many stores by festivals and traditional arts and rituals like the Cherry Blossom Festival, Sanja and Tea Ceremony. The ancient traditions of the warrior caste, Samurais, also form an integral part of Japanese culture. The ancient religion of Shintoism and Buddhism play an important role in the traditions followed by the Japanese. Manga, anime, origami, ikebana and sumo wrestling are other important aspects of the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun. Here are some of the tips that would help you understand Japan.

  • Japanese people are extremely well-mannered; so make sure you remain polite at all times and say ‘thank you’ with a smile and a bow.
  • Remember to carry Japanese Yen in cash since the shops and stores of Japan are mostly cash-based.
  • Tipping is a rude gesture in Japan.
  • When you speak, keep your voices soft since the Japanese find speaking loudly in public offensive.
  • Make sure that you do not litter; carry your garbage with you until you find a trashcan to dispose
  • If you are suffering from a cold, wear a surgical mask to avoid infecting others with the bacteria.

NOTE: All the above information is correct as of 3rd September 2016.

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