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IndiGo baggage allowance: A detailed guide for flyers

IndiGo Airlines is a low-cost air carrier that primarily operates on India’s domestic circuit. The country’s largest airline, it claims 42.5%, nearly half of the country’s market share in 2019. With a fleet of 209 aircraft taking passengers to 56 domestic and 15 international destinations, IndiGo Airlines is comparable with low cost airlines globally.

What is IndiGo Airlines’ baggage policy?

Cabin baggage

In accordance with the IndiGo Airlines baggage policy, your hand baggage can consist of only one cabin bag weighing not more than 7 kgs. You are also allowed another item like a personal hand bag that does not exceed 3 kgs in weight.

Read on for a detailed cabin baggage allowance for both domestic and international flights operated by IndiGo Airlines.

Cabin baggage allowance

FlightNo of piecesMaximum weightDimensions
Domestic 17 kg55*35*25 cm
International 17 kg55*35*25 cm

What can I bring on my carry-on baggage on an IndiGo Airlines flight?

According to its carry-on baggage guidelines, IndiGo Airlines allows one cabin bag that weighs not more than 7 kgs. Besides this cabin bag, IndiGo Airlines allows some other articles as carry-on baggage as well. These include items such as a ladies’ hand bag or a small laptop bag not weighing more than 3 kgs. If you are travelling with an infant, the airline lets you carry one stroller or baby pram per infant, without any charge. The airline also allows passengers to carry as cabin baggage special assistance items such as a fully collapsible wheelchair and / or one pair of crutches and / or braces or any other prosthetic item that they are dependent on. Guests can also carry liquids up to a maximum volume of 100ml each in different containers, which can be comfortably fitted into a reseal-able, transparent, plastic bag.

However, guests will not be allowed to carry liquids, creams and gels that exceed 100ml in volume in their carry-on luggage. Knives and sharp objects, dry cell batteries, toy ammunition, weapons, electronic devices which cannot be switched off, aerosols and other items that are considered to be a security hazard are also not allowed.

Checked-in baggage

Guests booked on a domestic flight on IndiGo Airlines are permitted to carry 15 kgs of checked-in baggage. For international flights, depending on the destination, passengers are allowed a check-in baggage allowance of 20 or 30 kgs.

FlightNo of pieces Maximum weightDimensions
Domestic115 kg158 cm or 62 inch
International 120 or 30 kg*158 cm or 62 inch

*depending on the destination

For details on destination wise baggage allowance, click here.

In case there is a combination of flights and the IndiGo domestic sector is connecting to the IndiGo international sector or vice versa, IndiGo’s free baggage allowance for international sector applies. In case of the IndiGo domestic sector connecting to another airline to or from an international destination, the check-in baggage allowance shall be 15 kgs only. However, you can purchase prepaid excess baggage in such cases which will be considered over and above your eligible baggage allowance.

To know more about the terms and conditions for purchasing prepaid excess baggage for international connecting flights, click here.

Special baggage / Sports equipment

Sports equipment such as skiing equipment, golf bags, bicycles and surf boards are considered as special baggage. Special baggage also includes articles such as LCD and LED TVs that measure more than 99.06 cms and other large or odd sized items. For checking-in special baggage as mentioned above, IndiGo Airlines charges INR 1,000 for domestic flights and INR 2,000 for international flights. This fee is applied over and above any excess baggage charges that may be applied. However, musical instruments such as guitars can be carried free of charge in both domestic as well as in international flights. With the exception of guitars packed in soft cases, all other musical instruments must be included in checked-in baggage.

Oversized baggage

If a guest wants to carry an oversized item on board, one which does not comply with the permissible size limits stated in the chart above but will fit securely in a seat, the airline may allow the guest to purchase another seat, at its discretion. This is not a general facility that is available online, so the guest will have to call IndiGo’s customer care number to make the necessary arrangements.

How can I purchase additional baggage for my flight?

Guests carrying more than the permissible baggage allowance have the option of purchasing excess baggage. IndiGo Airlines charge domestic travelers INR 400 per additional kg at the time of check-in. International travelers are charged INR 525 per additional kg (or as per base currency of reservation). IndiGo also offers a pre-paid excess baggage facility to its customers up to 6 six hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. This turns out to be more economical than purchasing it at the time of check-in.

To know more about Indio’s pre-paid excess baggage slabs, click here.


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Note: All information is sourced from IndiGo. All information true as on 28 February 2019.