Travel news A guide to Toronto: best places to visit, eat and see

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A guide to Toronto: best places to visit, eat and see

Take a peek at some of what Toronto has to offer

Canada’s financial hub, Toronto is a student centre as well as home to a large multi-ethnic population. So yes – the food is awesome, the people are fun and young and there is a huge tilt toward entertainment and art. Toronto has lots to do, Skyscanner checks it out!

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1. St Lawrence Market

Take an entertaining walking tour of St Lawrence Market and get the story of the city. Toronto’s engaging two century old public market has featured on the world’s best food market list and is a very exciting and informative place to spend a day at. Choose amongst the weekly farmer’s market, the Sunday antiques market, restaurants or the speciality food stalls, delis, bakeries and meat shops. The St. Lawrence Market Gallery has rotating displays of art and historical relics.

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St Lawrence Market

Photo credit: Neil Saunders

2. Hockey Hall of Fame

Mecca of ice hockey, the Hockey Hall of Fame also doubles up as a museum. Be prepared to lose yourself in exhibits dedicated to star players and teams, NHL records, trophies and probably the largest collection of hockey related memorabilia in the world. The Hockey Hall of Fame is also home to the Stanley Cup. Housed in the former Bank of Montreal building, it is a Toronto landmark.

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Hockey Hall of Fame

Photo credit: Doug Kerr

3. Scarborough Bluffs

The Scarborough Bluffs are an eyecatching geological feature that has formed over the centuries. This 14 kilometre stretch of what is best described as glacial lakeshore cliffs, is a perfect place for views of Lake Ontario. Popular with locals, the Bluffs have walking trails, tent pitching spots, firepits and picnic tables. There is also a large marina and a boating club. Spend a fun day here, full of entertainment and action – a very Toronto thing to do!

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Scarborough Bluffs

Photo credit: Grant MacDonald


1. Explore the Distillery District

Stroll around the historic and well restored Distillery District. The industrial architecture of this 19th century part of Toronto, is surprisingly intact, and has become the ‘go-to’ place for all things arty. Apart from being an ideal location for movies and other productions, the Distillery District goes on to house exciting art galleries and artists’ studios, cafes, eateries and shops. On summer evenings, expect live jazz, foodie events and exhibitions too. The Distillery District is also a favourite with newly weds and tourists for photo ops.

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Distillery District

Photo credit: Rina Pitucci

2. Thrill seek at the CN Tower

Once a chart topper on the world’s highest structures list, the CN Tower is now less a communications tower and more a tourist attraction. You can take a ride up to the top in a glass lift, or get one of the best views of Toronto from the revolving restaurant. There is an option of a 20 minute stroll around the tower called the Edge Walk, which again, is not for the easily queasy lot. Vertigo sufferers can stay on the ground around the tower and catch a brilliant free light show at night.

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CN Tower

Photo credit: Ravenshoe Group

3. Toronto Inner Harbour and Island cruise

Check out a different side of Toronto – hop onto a one hour sightseeing cruise along the Inner Harbour. You will be treated to the best views of the city – skyscrapers and all – along with a very revealing commentary about the city. The cruise tour operates seasonally and when possible, makes a stop over on Centre Island for an entertainment break.

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Toronto from Centre Island

Photo credit: helenmoverland


1. Richmond Station

Highly recommended and extremely busy, Richmond Station is possibly the best restaurant in Toronto today. Run by a Top Chef Canada winner, it is simple, uncomplicated and priced just right. We suggest you reserve a table.

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Richmond Station

Photo credit: LexnGer

2. Allen’s

One of the city’s finest patio dining spaces – and Toronto sees quite a few sprout as the weather warms up – Allen’s is not just a pub. Let the Irish music and dance help you unwind from a day of sightseeing. The cuisine is, of course, Irish.

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Photo credit: Don Gunn

3.Burger’s Priest

With possibly the best burgers in town, this place deserves the reputation it enjoys. Less is more seems to work for them – the buns are soft, the beef freshly ground and griddled perfectly. ‘The Priest’ is highly recommended.

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Burger's Priest

Photo credit: Dondy Razon

When to go

Winters in Toronto are extremely cold, so a good time to head here would be in the spring or the summer; so unless you are a winter sports kind of person, March to September is your window. Plus point – every other food joint sets out patio seating for beer lovers wanting to soak in the sunshine on warmer days.

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