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‘The Old World’- Ireland

Whether you inspire for an unforgettable family experience, romantic rendezvous, solitary travel or roast and a mug of beer, Ireland is a destination that you shouldn’t miss!

With thatched roofs, symmetrical homes, old world charm, bright colors, stunning scenery, traditions and beer, Ireland is one destination that soothes your mind, body and spirit. If you are a beer lover, chances are that you have already declared yourself an Irish after having a few good ones down your throat. But don’t worry, even if you don’t drink a lot of beer, you still have plenty of things to see and do in this touristy country. Offering life-changing experiences, this small country has a timeless beauty that will leave an indelible imprint on your heart.

Things to do and Places to See

If sights fascinate you, then Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher is a place to visit. These entirely vertical cliff will provide panoramic views of soft shale and sandstone, the Aran Islands visible in vicinity. Then, there is the Trinity College in Dublin. Famous for its architecture, the place is popular for its delightful staircases, libraries and landscaping beauty.

If you like to explore history, visit Newgrange. It is special, with white round stones and grass dome that will transport you to an era bygone. If that’s not enough, spare some time and visit the Giant’s Causeway, a hexagonal basalt columns building, which represents uniformity. Or just combine a little ‘Game of Thrones’ gossip by visiting beautiful castles of Ireland. Otherwise, cherish the destination of Connemara, a coastal land that offers sheer delight to mind and heart.

Of course, Dublin is a major city that offers so much to unravel. Its history, which spans across thousands of years, heritage and Georgian elegance, along with the charisma of castles and pubs makes it one of the classiest European Cities.

Getting There

Flights from Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and South America regularly operate to Ireland. Dublin and Belfast are main points of arrival for flights. Biggest carrier is Ryanair, which offers lowest rates and cheap prices, if booked early. Ferries by Stenaline are available from Britain to Ireland, while buses can be taken from Eurolines.

Atlanta and New York offer regular, non-stop flights to Dublin, while in Canada, non-stop flights are offered from Toronto and Montreal. Travel from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand is generally routed via London.