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A Trip to Iran 

Also known as Persia, Iran was the home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations in Western Asia. This is the 18th largest country in the world in terms of land mass and is popular for its art and architecture, ancient cities, exotic beach resorts, enchanting skiing destinations and cosmopolitan cities.

Carriers flying from India to Iran are Iran Air, Mahan Air. Other airlines flying to Iran are Emirates, Thai Airways, Iraqi Airways, Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Austrian Airlines, Etihad Airways, British Airways, Air France, Oman Air, Turkish Airlines, Fly dubai, Lufthansa.

How to find cheap flights to Iran?

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Which city is cheap to fly to in Iran?

Refer to the countries section of Skyscanner to find the cheapest cities to travel in Iran. Select your preferred country and the page will redirect you to a page that will provide you with the brief description of the country along with its cities and their air fares.

Domestic travel between cities

  • Domestic air service is the safest way to get around Iran. The air services are frequent, reliable, and are definitely worth considering while flying around Iran.
  • The domestic bus network in Iran is extensive and cost-effective. The first (1st) and second (two) class buses categorized as Volvo, luxurious and Mercedes buses ply around Iran. The bus tickets can be bought from any bus terminal for a week in advance.
  • Travelling by train in Iran is more comfortable and time-saving than the limited speed buses. The Raja Passenger Trains is the passenger rail system in Iran. They are the safest, easiest, cheapest and the most reliable mode of transport in Iran.
  • Metro rails are the fastest and one of the best modes of travel if you want to traverse around Iran.
  • Taxis and Savari Taxis are the alternative modes of inter-city travel in Iran.
  • You can rent a car and drive around Iran to visit its popular places of attractions.

Things to do in Iran

Iran is the perfect amalgam of the old and the new in the west of Asia. It offers loads of opportunities for its visitors to stay and enjoy those. The largest city of Tehran, the world heritage site of Naqsh-e-Jahan Square, the waterways of Eram Gardens, religious inclinations of Shrine of Imam Reza, historical houses in Kashan are some of the major attractions in Iran. For those who love the coast, the beaches at Ramsar and Kish islands are the places of must visit. Shemshak Ski Resort is also a perfect getaway to enjoy the natural splendour and mountainous terrain in Iran. Do not forget to try the diverse and grand culinary traditions of erstwhile Persian cuisine – Chelow Kebab, Persian Kebabs Gheimeh and much more. Enjoy the delight of shopping handwoven carpets, pottery and leather work items as well.

Before you fly to Iran

Visa for Indians flying to Iran

Indians visiting Iran need to apply for a visa. For detailed information, you can visit the website of Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Best time to visit Iran

Though tourists can enjoy Iran at any time of the year, the best time of visit will be the months of March to May and September to November.

Time difference and weather between India and Iran

India is 2 hours ahead of Iran. The climate of Iran is different in each part of the country due to its geographical disparity. The Caspian coastal region experiences arid to the semi-arid type of climate, whereas the climate in the northern forest can be categorised as subtropical. The Zagros basin in the west of Iran experiences lower temperatures along with severe winters and heavy snowfall. The coastal plains of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman in southern Iran have mild winters and very humid and hot summers.

Currency and exchange rates between India and Iran

1 Indian Rupee is equal to 474.32 Iranian Rial. Even major credit cards are not accepted in Iran; hence, carrying cash is the safest option. A type of Iranian debit card (prepaid) is easily available that can be used all around the country.

Culture and important information to know before you fly to Iran

Being one of the oldest civilisations, Iran has influenced other cultures throughout Asia. The following things should be kept in mind if you are travelling to Iran:

  • Don’t use the expressions ‘Gulf’ or ‘Arabian Gulf’ as it is the Persian Gulf.
  • Don’t show thumbs up as it is considered to be offensive there.
  • Don’t shake hands with a person of the opposite sex.
  • Don’t carry drugs, alcohol, satellite phones.
  • Don’t click pictures where ‘no photography’ sign is there.
  • Don’t blow your nose amidst people, it is considered to be impolite.

NOTE: All the above information is correct as of 13th October 2016.

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