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Taiwan - Land of Terraced Bay

Taiwan, an island in the Pacific Ocean is situated towards southeastern coast of Chinese mainland. Officially known as the Republic of China and now governed by China, Taiwan is neighbored with Japan on the east & northeast and the Philippines on the south. It is a beautiful holiday destination highly illustrious for its majestic mountains, lush forests and amazing downtown sceneries. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan as well as the major cultural and entertainment hub is linked through airways to prime destinations around the globe.

About the Country

Taiwan covers an area of 35,883 square kilometers. Shaped like a sweet potato, the island of Taiwan is home to over 23 million people and is one of the densely populated places in the globe. It covers an area of 35,883 square kilometers. The population is largely of Han Chinese ethnicity with Mandarin as the official language.

The climate in Taiwan can be characterized as subtropical with hot, wet summers (Jun to Aug) and mild winters (Nov to Feb). Northern Taiwan receives rainfall almost all year round while southern region has dry winters. Autumn (Sep to Oct) and winter months offers comforting weather and are the best times of the year for visiting Taiwan while summers are pleasant too at higher elevations and northern regions. To enjoy and experience the Taiwanese cultures and traditions, one can also plan to visit during Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival.

Major Cities & Attractions

Taiwan is divided into different regions – Northern Taiwan, Southern Taiwan, Central Taiwan, Eastern Taiwan and Outlying Islands. It consists of many big cities and towns. The most notable cities are Taipei, New Taipei, Hsinchu, Hualien, Jiufen, Kaohsiung, Keelung, Puli, Taichung and Tainan.

Aside from its big vibrant and crowded cities, Taiwan is home to splendid mountain ranges, fantastic beaches, scenic lakes and great national parks with hot springs, making it an awesome place to holiday. Many of the amazing tourist attractions are located in and around Taipei. The city houses the fourth tallest skyscraper in the world, Taipei 101 Tower. Provided with world’s fastest elevator, a ride up atop the tower and enjoying a bird’s eye view of the city will certainly make your day. The Palace Museum of Taipei showcasing a collection of valuable antiquities from Taiwan and China including jade carvings, porcelain works, boat sculptures, paintings and calligraphy is the most precious museum of Taiwan.

If history and culture is your thing, then Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, Martyrs’ Shrine, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and Longshan Temple are top priorities in your Taipei travel itinerary. Also, don’t miss to visit Yammingshan National Park, Beitou Hot Springs and Huaxi Night Market, which are also popular attractions in Taipei.

Situated on the eastern coast of Taiwan, the Taroko National Park with its soaring peeks, spectacular valleys and breathtaking waterfalls also attracts huge crowds from home and all over the world. Kenting National Park of Pingtung County in Taiwan is known for its stunning beaches, coral reefs and serene mountains. One of the must visit place is the Sun Moon Lake, the sole natural lake in the entire island of Taiwan. The Yangming Mountain and Ximending are famous for its entertainment diversity, the Alisha National Scenic Area and the Penghu Islands are among the most well known tourist attractions to be visited in Taiwan.

Eating & Shopping

Taiwanese cuisine has high influence from Chinese cuisine. The locals of Taiwan are very passionate about eggs and seafood, while fruits are also major parts of Taiwanese food. Beef noodles, oyster omelet, aiyu jelly, Taiwan sausage, Taiwanese orange and porridge are some popular local specialties that you definitely try during your trip to Taiwan. In fact, most of the cities have their own specialties; this means you get to relish varied unique culinary delights for every different city you travel in Taiwan. Almost all prime cities and towns are sprinkled with a range of restaurants and eating joints where you can savor local as well as other cuisines of your choice.

With an array of shopping malls, night markets and streets lined up with variety of shops, Taiwan has become one of the most loved shopping destinations in Asia as well as in the world. Taiwan is highly regarded for its unique and different handicrafts. The best purchases in Taiwan includes jade, inkstones, pottery, porcelain, traditional clothing & bags, wood carvings, glass art, umbrellas & lanterns, dried seafood, tea, candied fruits, electronics and handicrafts items indigenous to the region. Taipei, Hsinchu, Tainan, Yilan and Kaoshiung are some top shopping destinations in Taiwan.

Flights to Taiwan

Situated around 40 km from Taipei, the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is the main gateway to Taiwan. It offers very good air service especially to Asian cities and North America. Other important airports in Taiwan are Kaohsiung International Airport, Taipei Songshan Airport, Taichung Airport and Hualien Airport.

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