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A Trip to Egypt

Egypt, one of the most exotic ancient countries in the world, has enchanted history buffs and honeymooners with its antiquity, culture, traditions and heritage attractions, since ages. A transcontinental country, Egypt spans from the north-east corner of Africa to southwest corner of Asia.

Carriers flying from India to Egypt EgyptAir. Other airlines flying to Egypt are Emirates, Gulf Air, Air France, Etihad Airways, Kuwait Airways, KLM, Saudia, Lufthansa, Swiss, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Air China, Air India, Thai Airways, Iraqi Airways, Oman Air, flydubai, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines.

How to find cheap flights to Egypt?

Skyscanner, a global travel search engine, makes booking tickets easier than ever. Compare the flight prices offered by the top airline companies and online travel agents and book your trip to Egypt.

  • You can utilize the price alert tool of Skyscanner and keep yourself updated about the change in flight fares for specific routes. Regular price change updates from Skyscanner via email help you plan your trips effectively. There is also an option to modify the subscription.
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Which city is cheap to fly to in Egypt?

If you want to know which city is the cheapest to fly to in Egypt, go to the countries section and choose the preferred destination. The redirected page will give you a description of the country in detail and the air fares.  

Domestic travel between cities

  • Air travel from one city to another is convenient as there are many flights available at affordable prices. Refer to the Skyscanner page for flight availability to get more information about the rates and timing.
  • Trains are the popular transport mode in Egypt. However, foreigners are allowed to travel only in select trains.
  • You can also opt to travel by bus or ferry, as per your needs.
  • Taxis and car renting options are also available in Egypt.

Before you fly to Egypt

Visa for Indians flying to Egypt

It is mandatory to have all the valid documents including Indian passport before applying for a visa to Egypt. For more details regarding visa application, check the website of the Embassy of Egypt in New Delhi.

Best time to visit Egypt

Egypt has a warm climate for most of the time of the year. Although people visit Egypt all throughout the year, September to April is the best time to visit the country. The weather is much more pleasant during these months and ideal for those who want to avoid the scorching heat.

Time and weather difference between India and Egypt

India is 2.5 hours ahead of Egypt. While Egypt has a hot climate for most of the year and winter (with occasional rains) during October to February, India’s climate is a mix of summers, winters and monsoons.

Currency and exchange rates between India and Egypt

1 Egyptian Pound is equal to 7.5 Indian Rupees. The cost of living is slightly higher than that of India, including rent prices and grocery prices. Be cautious while eating out as the restaurant charges are much higher compared to Indian restaurants.

Culture and important information to know before you fly to Egypt

With almost 90 % Sunni Muslim population and a considerable percentage of the Christian population, Egypt has a comparatively homogenous population.

When traveling to Egypt, follow the below-mentioned dos and don’ts.

  • Dress decently while visiting Egypt, as the locals are very conservative.
  • If you are joining a group of people, you are expected to greet the existing members of the group politely.
  • You can greet people, give handshakes and embrace people. But, refrain from hugging a person from the opposite gender, as it is considered inappropriate in Egypt.

Things to do in Egypt

  • For history buffs and historians, Egypt is one of the best places in the world to explore. Cairo is the capital as well as the largest city in Egypt. Alexandria, Giza, Luxor, Suez, Shubra El-Kheima, Port Said, Mansoura, EL- Mahalla El Kubra and Tanta are among the other famous cities. The Pyramids of Giza, by far, are the most popular attractions in Egypt. Other historical attractions are the Valley of Kings, Abu Simbel, Karnak, Siwa Oasis, Cairo Egyptian Museum, Mosque of Ibn Tulun and many
  • Those looking for a scenic break from the otherwise dry and arid landscape of Egypt should head to Dahab, which is an isolated coastal village. The cruise on River Nile is the best way to explore the regions of Upper Egypt as it allows the tourists to trace the passage of Egypt’s history. If you want to go diving, then head to the Red Sea Reef, located off the coast of Egypt.
  • The cuisine of Egypt is based mainly on vegetarian dishes, although the coastal cities do rely heavily on fishes and seafood. Egyptian cuisine makes heavy use of legumes and vegetables, since Egypt's rich Nile valley and delta produce large quantities of these crops.
  • If you are planning to go shopping in Egypt then dump the idea of going to the malls, instead head to the Souks or the local markets which are remarkable attractions in themselves. Wonderful jewelry, glass, copper and brassware are the most common shopping items, along with perfumes, pottery, sandals, leather bags and a variety of items made from camel leather.

NOTE: All the above information is correct as of 15th October 2016.


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