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Turkmenistan – The Charms of Old World          

Turkmenistan, which was earlier known as Turkmenia is a Turkic state located in Central Asia. Bestowed with some of the most exotic natural attractions, the country is eloquent for its lavish palaces, marble monuments, gold statues along with numerous ancient and pilgrimage sites. The country has served as an important stop on the ancient silk route and shares its border with Kazakhastan in the northwest, Uzbekistan to the east, Afghanistan in the southeast, Iran in the south and Caspian Sea in the west. Ashgabat is the capital of the country and has the largest and busiest international airport in the country. Turkmenistan is the world’s 52nd largest country in terms of land area.

About the Country

The country experiences arid subtropical desert climate which is marked by hot and dry summers from May through September, with temperature soaring up to 480C. Winters last from December to February and can get very cold. The spring season from April to June and autumn season from September to November is good time to explore the country. The natives of Turkmenistan speak Turkmen, which is the official language while Russian is also commonly spoken. Around 89% of the population is Muslim while 9% follow the Eastern Orthodox Church and the remaining 2% are non-religious.

Major Cities & Attractions

Ashgabat is the capital and largest city in Turkmenistan with a population of almost 1 million. Other cities of importance are – Turkmenabat, Dasoguz, Mary, Balkanabat, Bayramaly, Turkemenbasy, Tejen, Abadan and Magdanly. Turkmenistan is very popular for its heritage attractions and one of the major attractions one should not miss is the Merv, which is a popular oasis city and a UNESCO declared world heritage site. It is situated on the historic Silk Road and contains many ancient buildings. If you are in municipality of Konye-Urgench, then you should definitely not miss a visit to the Gutluk Temir Minaret and the Soltan Tekes Mausoleum. Konye-Urgench is the site of Ürgenç, an ancient town that served as home to the twelfth-century unexcavated ruins of Khwarezm’s capital. This too is a UNESCO approved world heritage site.

The Parthian Fortress of Nisa is a world heritage site in Bagyr and is famed for being one of the earliest known capitals of the Parthians. Besides the fortress, there are many mausoleums and shrines that too can be explored here. The Alem Cultural and entertainment centre in Ashgabat is a popular attraction famous for its 312-foot-tall structure and its enormous Ferris wheel encased in glass and white steel. Another attraction in the capital city is the Ashgabat Theme Park which is a famous recreational centre with 80 attractions, including a roller coaster that runs across a replica of the Caspian Sea. National Park of Independence, Monument of Neutrality, Geokdepe mosque and RuhyMetjidi are some of the popular places to see in Ashgabat. Mausoleum of Turabek-Khanym, Najmeddin Kubra Mausoleum, Minaret of Kutlug Timur, Mausoleum of Il-Arslan, Kow Ata, Mausoleum of Mane Baba and fortress of Nadir Shah are also popular places to see in Turkmenistan.

Eating & Shopping

The Turkmenistan cuisine is very similar to the cuisine of Central Asia with Plov (Pilaf) as the everyday food. The ‘plov’ is cooked in a large cast iron cauldron which is very similar to a Dutch oven and contains mutton, carrots and rice. Manti is another popular food item filled with ground meat and pumpkins. Melons, bread, green tea and vodka are commonly consumed by the people in Turkmenistan. Restaurants mainly offer Russian cuisine such as pelmeni, buckwheat, golubtsy and a wide variety of mayonnaise-based salads; however, numerous multi cuisine restaurants too are available. Uyghur noodle dish can also be found in some areas.

Shopping is a fun experience in Turkmenistan as the country offers both modern stuffs along with the old world charms. There are numerous malls, local markets and bazaar selling varieties of items. Turkmenistan is very popular for its Turkmen rugs and carpets along with cotton products, golden statues, small crafts, household goods, jewellery and clothing. Tolkuchka Bazaar is one of the largest shopping markets in Ashgabat. Yimpas, Carpet Bazaar and Russian Bazaar are other shopping areas in Turkmenistan offering varieties of stuffs to the tourists.

Flights to Turkmenistan

The Ashgabat international airport and Turkmenbashi airport are the only international airports in Turkmenistan and are well connected to major cities across the world. There are a few domestic airports as well. The Turkmenistan airlines is the largest and principal government managed airline of Turkmenistan.

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