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Maldives visa – Maldives visa for Indians – A quick guide

Maldives on your mind? Start planning your trip to some of the best beaches around the world with the basics – know about the various kinds and costs for a Maldives visa, know which one is right for you, and go through a brief guide to the Maldives visa application process. Go on, choose your spot on the Maldivian sand!

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Maldives invites you to sprawl on its immaculate beaches, stay at luxurious hotels, dig into delectable cuisine and take a dip into a parallel world of underwater beauty. Any beach bum worth their sunblock will have Maldives near the top of their travel bucket list. Skyscanner tells you – very simply – what it takes to get you to the Maldives.

No pre-arrival visa is required to enter the Maldives

A 30-day visa on arrival is issued free of cost on the discretion of Immigration. For this free visa on arrival, certain documents are required and some conditions must be met. Read on for details.

Types of visas to Maldives

Maldives has a number of visa categories of which a Tourist Visa is required for a regular tourist visit. The other visa types include business visa, family visa, student visa and work visa. A Tourist Visa allows you to stay in the Maldives for 30 days, but may be extended for another 60-day period.

Conditions and documents required for a Maldives Tourist Visa on arrival

Headed to Maldives? Here is what all you will need to get your hands on a Maldives Tourist Visa on arrival.

  1. A valid passport that should not expire for at least 6 months from the date of travel.
  2. Application form (IM23).
  3. Sponsorship declaration form – If sponsored by a company, then the application form should be endorsed by the company. If sponsored by an individual, then a copy of his/her identity card is required.
  4. Expatriate health insurance.
  5. An air ticket to fly out of Maldives.
  6. Adequate money to cover the duration of stay in Maldives – USD 100 plus USD 50 per day.
  7. Confirmation of reservation in a hotel or tourist resort.
  8. Recent passport size photographs of the applicant, white background.

You should know that a 30-day visa is not a right of the tourist, but dependent on Immigration to issue for a period not exceeding 30 days or any period less than 30 days.

How much does a Maldives visa cost?

A Maldives Tourist Visa on arrival is free of cost.

Reaching Maldives

Maldives is connected to many Indian cities by air. Most major cities offer flights with at least one stop to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport at Male, Hanimaadhoo Airport and Gan Island Airports. Direct flights are available only from Thiruvananthapuram to Ibrahim Nasir International airport in Male and Hanimaadhoo Airport.

Find flights to Maldives

If you are planning a trip to Maldives, but are unsure which airport to land at, try out Skyscanner’s Country Search tool. This user friendly tool will help you decide which is the cheapest city/airport to land at.

Things to do in Maldives

A Maldives vacation is a quintessential beach vacation. You could start with beach hopping – there are lots of pretty beaches waiting to be sprawled on; go boating – hop onto a boat of your choice and tour the islands; try out dolphin watching – hire a company that knows the spots; relax at the spa – Maldives is dotted with spas that offer relaxation with a view; get some action with water sports; or dive under the water for some snorkeling and pretty sights. Dining comes in two ways in Maldives – on the beach and underwater. Try it out!

Now that you know all there is to know about getting a Maldives visa, log on to Skyscanner and book those cheap flights!

Note: Information and data provided on this page is correct as of September 24 2018.